Are Essential Oils Safe For Babies? Learn How You Can Use Them

If you are confused about which essential oil to use for your newborn, here is the guide. Know the safe natural oils and the correct way to apply them.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Nov 17, 2019 16:28 IST
Are Essential Oils Safe For Babies? Learn How You Can Use Them

The benefits of essential oils are known to one and all but a lot of parents still do not know if they can use essential oils on their kids. It is a myth that essential oils are unsafe for babies. However, you cannot expose kids to all essential oils as some of them are so strong that they might affect their health. Also, adulterated essential oils are to be strictly avoided when it comes to children. Some mild oils like lavender and chamomile are good for babies as these help them get uninterrupted sleep. Also, they ease their colic pain. 

Things to Keep In Mind While Using Essential Oils On Babies

The use of essential oil promotes physical and mental wellness in human beings. From alleviating stress to promoting sleep to reducing physical pain, these are extremely helpful. Here are some points to consider when using essential oils on kids.

Essential Oil for babies

  • Do not use or apply any aroma oil on infants, i.e. below three months.
  • Make sure that the essential oil you’re using is organic and not adulterated. Do brand research before buying any essential oil. Also, check the label of the bottle to see the contents. You can check a wide range of essential oils by clicking here.
  • Before using oil on your baby, consult your doctor and get all the details about application methods, dilution ratios, etc.
  • Avoid essential oils with synthetic fragrances as these contain some percentage of alcohol which might irritate the child. Buy and apply until you’re sure of the quality of the oil.
  • Essential oils are meant to be mixed with a carrier oil( coconut oil, olive oil, etc.)and then applied on the skin. These are concentrated oil and should be used after dilution. Never apply any natural oil directly on the skin.
  • Also, oral ingestion of essential oils is not permissible.
  • Do a patch test first before full-fledged application.

Essential Oil for babies 2

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4 Safe Essential Oils For Babies

As we told you earlier, not all essential oils are safe for babies. There are selected oils that can be used on a baby’s skin. Here’s a list of essential oils that are safe for a baby.


Sometimes it becomes difficult to put a baby to sleep. Chamomile oil with its soothing fragrance would calm down a cranky kid and help him get a sound sleep.

Chamomile Essential Oil for babies

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Mix dill oil with a carrier oil and apply it to the belly of the infant. This will promote stomach health and treat indigestion.


The anti-bacterial lavender oil is good to treat itchy and irritated skin of the kid. Just like chamomile oil, lavender oil also promotes sleep in babies.

Lavender Essential Oil for babies

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Distilled lemon

If your child feels low on energy and always crying, you may massage the kid with distilled lemon essential oil mixed with a carrier oil. This would boost the child’s mood and uplift his energy levels.

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