Newborn Care Tips For Parents: Treat Baby's First Fever With These Quick Tips

If your little one is experiencing the following signs and symptoms, try these tips to help reduce your baby's fever.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Nov 08, 2019
Newborn Care Tips For Parents: Treat Baby's First Fever With These Quick Tips

There are several risks of (all kinds) infections and health problems, after the birth of the child. The reason behind this is, when the baby comes out of the womb, it takes time to adjust to the external environment. Besides, the newborn does not develop immunity, due to which they are susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Fever is a common problem that occurs in most newborns. Parents get nervous when the fever comes for the first time. Illness can be severe at times in infants younger than six months (so proper care during fever is essential). If the baby has a high fever, then parents need to take these necessary steps.


How to check the baby's fever?

Usually, changes can be seen in the baby (when unhealthy), such as not drinking milk, crying, irritability, waking up at bedtime, etc. If there is a possibility of fever, try to know the temperature by touching the forehead of your infant with your hand. If you feel the warmness (on your baby's forehead), then recheck it (to confirm) with a thermometer.

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  • It is essential to clean the thermometer before checking your baby's fever. For this, dip the thermometer in a solution of lukewarm water or alcohol and then wipe it with cotton or a clean cloth.
  • Now, to check your baby's fever put a thermometer up to half an inch in the baby's anus.
  • You can also check the fever of the infant by putting a thermometer in an armpit.
  • Wait for at least 1 minute or until the beep sounds in the digital thermometer.
  • If your baby's temperature is 100.4 degrees F or higher, take your baby to the doctor without any delay.

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Keep warm bandages on the head

If the hospital is away from home (or it's taking time to reach the doctor), place wet compresses on the baby's head, dipped in lukewarm water. This will not let the fever reach the baby's brain. If necessary, keep lumps of warm water on your baby's mouth, arms and legs.

Do not try home remedies

Some households (women and elders) adopt popular home remedies for fever. But in the case of infants, carelessness can be dangerous for you. Do not try any medicine, home remedies, syrups, skin creams, ointments, lotions etc. to your baby (especially in the first three months without doctor's advice). There can be many different reasons for infants to get a fever, which doctors can easily understand, so it is important to consult them.

Breastfeed your baby


Mother's milk is the best medicine for the baby. So if the baby is crying (even due to being unwell), feed them. Mother's milk is a complete diet for a child (younger than six months). It will increase the immunity of the baby and give strength to fight infection.

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