Does Your Newborn Hate Sleeping In The Crib? Know The Reasons and Possible Solutions

Newborn babies are very sensitive. When they sense separation from their parents, they cry. The same thing happens when you put them in the crib. If your child do reacts in the same manner, read this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Oct 03, 2019
Does Your Newborn Hate Sleeping In The Crib? Know The Reasons and Possible Solutions

Putting your infant to sleep especially in the night is a herculean task for new parents. From keeping them on your shoulder to singing lullabies, you try every possible thing to make them sleep. And if he/she hates sleeping in the crib, this makes it even more challenging. A lot of kids when placed in the crib start crying. If your baby is one of them, this article will help you to understand the problem better. 

Why do babies cry in the crib?

The three main reasons for babies hating crib are:

1. Separation anxiety

Infant babies especially those below one year start distinguishing between faces soon after birth. They develop a feeling for people they see the most and those they stay close to for the maximum time. If they don’t find them near, it triggers separation anxiety in them. This is why when you put them in the crib and leave, they suffer this anxiety and hence, they begin crying. They crave for friendly touch and comfort. Hence, you need to bond with the child.

2. The problem of acid reflux

A lot of newborns sleep on the sides rather than sleeping on the back. If you notice the same with your kid, chances are that he/she might be dealing with acid reflux or colic problem. As you place them in the crib with their back, the problem kicks in. This is the reason why they cry immediately after getting in the crib.

3. Downward reflex

These little lovelies are used to your comfort and warmth. They feel protected in their parents’ arms and don’t like to leave the secure space. When they sense separation, their downward reflex is triggered which makes them feel insecure. Hence, when you put them down, they cling to you with no intention to leave.

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Possible Solutions To The Problem

Dealing with newborns is difficult as you cannot force yourself upon them. However, there are a few tips to fix this problem without letting your child suffer.

Allow them time

Babies are tiny and you cannot expect them to get used to separation at least in the early years. Give them some time to adjust to the changes until they get accustomed and putting them to sleep becomes easier. This might take weeks or even months, just be patient. If they cry excessively, try these methods.

Be with them

Your babies want you beside them most of the time. Try to be with them as much as possible so that they don’t feel alone or left out. Instead of putting them in the crib and leaving, sit on a chair close to the crib until your baby falls asleep. This way, he/she will develop a habit of sleeping in the crib over time.

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You may even place your cloth near them to give them a soothing feeling as they react to known fragrances.

Consider crib only in the night

The night is the time when babies tend to sleep longer. Put them in the crib when they are transitioning to sleep. They will be less cranky at this time and it will help them adjust quickly.

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