Early Brain Development In Infants: Ways to Enhance Brain Power of Babies

As the care for baby's body is necessary, so is nurturing the brain is crucial for their success, healthy and happy life in the future. This will help them to strengthen their brain as well as their bond with you.

 Onlymyhealth Staff Writer
Newborn CareWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jul 16, 2019
Early Brain Development In Infants: Ways to Enhance Brain Power of Babies

Baby care is the most intense and exciting time in a parent's life. Every child is different with different characters and needs special care and love. The early year's of a child is very crucial for later health and development of a child. Children are ready to learn since birth and are always keen to develop new skills. Foundation of their brain development starts before their birth. The development of baby's brain starts even before pregnancy. It gets more nurtured during pregnancy and needs special care when the child is in the infant stage. 

The brain develops at every stage of life, but starting 8 years of a child is very important for the future success, health, and learning abilities foundation. Although the development of the brain depends mostly on genes, there are other factors too which help in brain development of a child like:

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  • Proper nutrition during and after pregnancy
  • Exposure to toxins or infections inside the fetus or as an infant
  • The child’s experiences with people around

The most important role in the development of baby's brain is played by nurturing and care by people around them especially parents. Constructive and destructive experiences of a child add ups to their brain development. To enhance a child's brain, parents and caregiver need the right resources and awareness so that a child's brain develops well and reaches its full potential.

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As the care for baby's body is necessary, so is nurturing the brain is crucial for their success, healthy and happy life in the future. 

What can be done to develop baby's brain smartly?

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Environment: Child grows best in a safe environment with special attention. As your child is going to understand relationships with things and people around, so you need to pay special attention to the environment. If they are ignored or stressed in any case, their brain will not develop properly.

Early Efforts: While you are pregnant, make sure to take a healthy diet and read books. Try to be happy and understand skills, so that the baby's brain develops with yours.

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Conversation: While everyone talks with their infant, you have to opt for interactive conversation. Talk to the baby and wait for their response through actions or otherwise. Do not try to hurry up the process. Listen to them what they are trying to express. With time you will start understanding the unspoken action of your child.

This will help them to strengthen their brain as well as their bond with you.

Play: Play with them using your hands. Hands are physical interactor and they will help your child to develop a sense of interaction with the world. This will engage the child and capture their attention increasing their imaginative power.

Books: Use colorful toddler books for them. Try to interact with your child with those book in which they can see different colors and objects so that they can develop a habit of identifying things.

Express love and attention: This is the main trust-building step. Expressing your love and paying attention to them will build trust in the child's mind for you which will make them feel good and safe. Show them that you really feel happy with them and they will gradually understand your position in their life.

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Sing Rhymes and songs: Music and song develop a sensible tempo. Sing interactive rhymes for your infant and kid using body action and movements so that they can connect with sounds.  This will develop their mental skills.

Give a massage and let them love their body: Providing a body massage is necessary for baby's physical health. Just adding a bit of conversation with it can do magic. Interact with your baby telling them about their body. Kiss their hands, forehead, and stomach. Say words as you love them, a child is beautiful so that they can feel those expressions and can love their body and massage. This will develop a sense of mental strength in them.

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A healthy diet, right nutrition, and care always work for the development of physique and mind of a child. Building good habits of care and nurturing your child will help them grow mentally. Nurture them with love and shower your special attention until the age of 8. This will promote their brain development and makes the child successful, happy and healthy. 

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