Eat These Foods To Ease Muscle Spasms After Exercising

People who exercise daily usually deal with muscle spasms. Here are five foods that they need to include in their diet to prevent this problem.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jan 15, 2020 17:53 IST
Eat These Foods To Ease Muscle Spasms After Exercising

If you are a regular gym-goer and frequently deal with muscle spasms and soreness, this article is for you. Only vigorous exercising shouldn’t be blamed for muscle spasms, sometimes it happens as a result of your bad food habits. These can be quite painful at times and the first thing that you’d think of is medicine. But you can avoid such a situation, you must also bring some modifications to your diet. These will not only prevent muscle spasms from occurring but also provide long-term health benefits.

How can certain foods reduce muscle spasms?

Some foods that are rich in potassium can be helpful in reducing your muscle spasms. Because potassium is the main mineral, which is known to prevent spasms. It is an essential mineral, which can aid communication between your muscles and nerves.

Although potassium is often associated with bananas, sweet fruits are not really very rich sources of this vital mineral. Therefore, here are some foods and beverages which are good to help with muscle spasms.


drinking water\" data-mce-src=

Water is the ultimate muscle soreness remedy. Sometimes dehydration can be the cause of your muscle spasms. So to ensure that you drink as much water as possible to stay fully hydrated. If you find drinking water boring, try to enhance the taste by making one of the infused water recipes. 

Sweet Potato

sweet potatoes for health

Sweet potato, which is known by many as sweet potato and some sweet potato. Sweet potato helps reduce your muscle spasms, as it contains plenty of potassium. If you eat a lightly cooked sweet potato in a day, it contains about 542 mg (12 percent of your daily value) of potassium. Besides, it contains a good amount of Vitamin A. You can eat sweet potato by baking it, roasting it or mashing it.

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Melon for health

Melon is considered very good at relieving your muscle spasms. This not only protects your body from dehydration in summer but also relieves muscle spasms. You get about 640 milligrams (14 percent of your daily value) of potassium from two slices of melon. If you are not interested in eating it alone, then eat it with our hot-sweet grilled watermelon, watermelon-tomato salad, smoothie or other fruits. 


Benefits of beans

Beans have different varieties, but overall beans or beans are a good source of potassium. If you consume one cup of kidney beans, it contains 717 milligrams (15 percent of your daily value) of potassium, while one cup of black beans contains 801 milligrams (17 percent of your daily value). In this way, you can boil the beans and eat them with salt and soup or other ways.

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Pickle juice

Pickle juice

Pickle juice can reduce spasms. One study suggests that it may reduce cramps. You can take it as a small shot. But if you are sensitive to sodium, consult your doctor first. Read the amazing benefits of drinking pickle juice here.

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