Have You Heard Of Pickle Juice? Read Unexpected Benefits Of Drinking This Juice

Drinking pickle juice is found to provide numerous health benefits such as weight loss, diabetes, dehydration. Muscle cramps, etc. Read all of them here.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Oct 04, 2019Updated at: Oct 04, 2019
Have You Heard Of Pickle Juice? Read Unexpected Benefits Of Drinking This Juice

No, we don’t mean the mango, lemon or such spicy Indian pickles here but pickled vegetables that people in other parts of the world consume. Pickle juice here is basically sliced cucumbers soaked in brine which are left to ferment. Commonly called ‘Gherkins’, these are kept in a jar for a few weeks and then consumed. Over time, as they get pickled, their flavor changes which is why they are regarded as pickles.

A lot of people discard the remaining juice after consuming the pickle thinking it to be a waste. But, this juice is a boon for health. It has gained recognition as a sports drink and athletes worldwide consume this juice post workout. This tangy pickle juice has a lot of benefits that you can read below.

Relieves Muscle Cramps

The key component of pickle juice is vinegar which is a powerful pain suppressant. Hence, this juice would ease numerous kinds of pain such as muscle cramps, period pain, headache, etc. This is why this drink is famous among athletes as it helps in post-workout recovery.

Treats Dehydration

The sodium and potassium content in pickle juice recovers the loss of salt and water from the body. As sodium is readily absorbed by the body, it brings the salt level up by replacing electrolytes. This is why athletes, these days, swear by pickle juice.

Great for weight loss and digestion

As this juice is fermented, it is great for your stomach health. This juice will increase good bacterias in the stomach to boost gut health. This detoxifies the stomach, thereby enhancing digestive functions for a clean and healthy stomach. In addition to this, drinking pickle juice daily is said to speed up weight loss by boosting metabolic rate.

Boosts Energy

Pickle juice is a great pre and post-workout drink as it shoots up energy levels by managing electrolyte balance in the body. If you are a frequent gym-goer, you must try this drink.

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Get rid of a hangover

One shot of this drink and your hangover will vanish! Drinking excessive alcohol affects the electrolyte balance in the body. As this juice replaces hose electrolytes, it helps to ease hangovers. You’ll feel lighter and better after drinking this sour juice. 

Diabetes management

Vinegar is known for its blood sugar controlling properties. As it brings glucose level down, it is helpful in keeping diabetes in check. However, it is still under verification.

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Reduces cholesterol

One of the notable benefits of drinking pickle juice daily is its cholesterol-reducing ability. Though not all pickles may do this. Dill pickle is tested by scientists to bring cholesterol levels down.

Get rid of bad breath problem

The antibacterial properties of pickle juice treat odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. This means that it not only boosts overall health but also gives you a refreshing breath.

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