Hernia: 7 Easy Lifestyle Tips To Lower Your Risk

Ageing, pregnancy, obesity, heavy weight lifting, smoking, strenuous exercises, etc, are some causes of developing a hernia.

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Feb 09, 2023 09:00 IST
Hernia: 7 Easy Lifestyle Tips To Lower Your Risk

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Hernia is a health condition in which an organ or fatty tissue protrudes through a soft or weak area of the abdomen. It mostly occurs in the abdominal region between your chest and hips; however, it can also occur in the area of the upper thighs and groynes. It develops due to the pressure building upon your organs or intestines, which is most likely to occur as you age.

There are mainly four types of hernia; inguinal hernia, femoral hernia, hiatal hernia, and umbilical hernia. Ageing, pregnancy, obesity, heavy weight lifting, smoking, strenuous exercises, and an old injury are some causes of developing a hernia. Its symptoms are not visible initially, which can cause a delay in the treatment. Here are some lifestyle tips that you should follow to prevent and treat hernia.

Easy Lifestyle Tips To Deal With Hernia


You should exercise daily to prevent the risk of developing a hernia. You can also practise yoga to keep your body active. You should keep in mind to avoid heavy exercises as they can put pressure and increase the risk of hernia. You should consult with a professional to seek help choosing exercises for effective results.

Reduce Weight

You should reduce your weight if you are obese, as it can put pressure on the abdominal wall and slow down the healing process. Therefore, you should maintain a moderate weight to prevent the hernia and its complications if you had surgery.

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Healthy Diet

It is important to ensure that you maintain a healthy diet, especially foods containing fibre, to prevent constipation. Constipation can strain your bowel movement, which can become a risk factor for a hernia. You should eat foods that can keep your intestines healthy.

Say No To Heavy Lifting

You should avoid lifting heavy weights as it can pressure the affected area and cause complications. It can also increase the symptoms if you have had a hernia before. Moreover, you should avoid lifting anything that causes pain in your body.

Quit Smoking

You should quit smoking as it can cause coughing, which can result in putting pressure on the hernia. Moreover, coughing too much can put pressure on your muscles and cause serious complications.

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Ice Packs

You can apply ice packs to treat inflammation in the abdomen which is caused due to hernia. In addition, ice packs can help relieve the pain and bloating you may witness. 

Have Smaller Meals 

You should avoid eating large meals and only eat lighter ones as it helps decrease hernia symptoms. It also puts less pressure on your stomach and digestive system. 


You should visit your doctor immediately if you have a persistent cough, as it can aggravate your condition. You should also seek treatment if you have an enlarged prostate. It is also advisable not to get pregnant at least six months after your surgery. You can also ask your doctor to suggest exercises that can help to improve your condition.