COVID-19 Could Spread Indoors Beyond Six Feet, Says Top US Health Body

If you breathe in the open air without a mask, then you can become infected with the virus, know how the virus is spreading through the air.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Oct 07, 2020 13:10 IST
COVID-19 Could Spread Indoors Beyond Six Feet, Says Top US Health Body

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Coronavirus Transmission Through Air: The COVID-19 virus has proved to be so dangerous that its fear is making people sick. The infection of this virus is spreading so fast that you can no longer breathe freely (even in the open air). Yes, this virus is spreading in the air, so breathing without a mask in the open air is not free from danger. Researchers have claimed that the virus is present in the air. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed on Monday that the COVID-19 virus can remain in the air for about one hour. However, ever since the infection of COVID-19 has started spreading (researchers have been doing new research on it). Scientists have said this in many pieces of research, that the virus can be extended by air. However, the US famous disease control agency 'CDC' has claimed to have leaked corona from the air.

Researchers claim coronavirus is spreading by air

Coronavirus spread through the air or not? Monday Guidance has published this report, in which the CDC states that they have evidence that the corona infection is spreading to people, more than distances of 6 feet. The CDC has declared that scientists believe that the amount of aerosol by corona-infected people has the full potential to spread the virus.

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Causes of the outbreak of aerosols corona infection

Coronavirus aerosols indoor infection: The CDC stated that the risk of transmission through the air is less than direct contact. But quoting American scientists, the medical journal Science has published a report, according to which scientists have described aerosols droplets in the air as the leading cause of the ever-increasing corona infection.

Infectious humans release thousands of aerosol drops

Aerosol droplets and coronavirus: An infected person releases thousands of virus-filled aerosol droplets into the air. These drops can also come out from the infected person in small amounts by breathing or speaking. So it is better that you take care of social distancing, and use the mask regularly. 

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The virus could be present in the wind for hours

COVID-19 stays in the air for how long? According to the researcher's aerosols droplets can be present in the air for seconds to hours. According to the researchers, the virus is likely to spread more than two meters. Not only this, these viruses can accumulate in a room in bad weather.

Virus dissolves in the air like smoke

Coronavirus information dissemination: The CDC said that these tiny drops which we cannot see with naked eyes could spread through the air. These aerosols are present in the air for two hours like smoke. These aerosols can also enter your home in the event of low air quality.


COVID-19 (its transmission symptoms and preventive measures): America's top public health agency said that the coronavirus could spread even if it is six feet away (especially in closed places or where the airflow is terrible). But at the same time, agency officials stressed that such a spread of infection is uncommon. The rules of social distance still work.

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