Want To Promote Hair Health? Switch To Neem Comb, Here Are Some Benefits

If you are seeing a lot of hair problems, we have a one-stop solution for you in the form of neem comb. Read on to know its benefits.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Dec 15, 2021 11:42 IST
Want To Promote Hair Health? Switch To Neem Comb, Here Are Some Benefits

Small Changes Make A Big Difference’, this phrase is true in many aspects and today, we will tell you how you can upgrade your hair health by making a simple small change in your haircare routine. Not just women but men also want to have healthy, voluminous and lustrous hair, agree? All the possible tips and tricks that are slated to boost hair health including oiling and putting hair masks certainly help but not always. But if you replace your regular comb with a neem wood comb, you are surely going to see a drastic positive change in your hair. If you are interested to know the benefits of using the neem comb, read the full article.

Is neem comb is good for hair?

This is one question that a lot of people ask. Neem comb is slowly gaining popularity for all good reasons. Neem tree is a medicinal powerhouse where each part of it has some or the other kind of medicinal properties. Neem wood comb is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature. So, when you comb your hair with a neem comb, it transfers this goodness to your scalp, eventually promoting hair health. Slowly, common hair problems would begin to resolve as you switch to neem comb.

Dandruff control

Is neem comb is good for hair 

Most people do not know that plastic combs are bad for hair. It is because their bristles irritate the scalp and aggravate underlying scalp infection. This triggers dandruff and it only keeps on worsening. So, if you are troubled with dandruff, you must start using neem comb. The antibacterial properties of neem wood help your scalp get rid of bacteria and infection that might be the main cause of dandruff. Additionally, you must also use a diy scalp scrub for better results in lesser time. 

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Promotes Healthy Scalp

Combing with a neem comb boosts blood circulation in the scalp which is great for hair health. It also presses the acupressure points that help fight scalp infections. As compared to neem comb, other(plastic/metal) hairbrushes cause weakening of the roots as these produce static electricity. If your hair is becoming weak and rough with each passing day, blame your comb. It might be too harsh for your hair and scalp and so, it troubling your hair. Neem wood comb, on the other hand, is soft and gentle. Its tooth does not generate electricity but keeps the hair in place.

Neem Comb as Lice Comb

Head lice are not only discomforting but also embarrassing! It feels weird to have something in your hair and scalp that constantly moves here and there causing extreme itching. Not only this is irritating but also unhealthy as lice are nothing but germs that suck all the nourishment from your scalp leaving your hair undernourished. Combing your hair neem wood comb regularly reduces the risk of lice buildup as it is antibacterial in nature. Those who have lice should also use this to restrict the multiplication of lice, which is equally problematic as having them.

neem comb benefits

Healthy, Bouncy Hair

After using a neem comb for a couple of weeks, you would find that your mane looks bouncy. This is the major change that you would see after using a neem comb over a metal or plastic comb. Since it promotes blood circulation, it would also promote hair health.

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Overall Nourishment

benefits of Is neem comb

In a nutshell, neem comb is great for your hair and scalp in general. It promotes blood circulation, reduces germ buildup, allows uniform distribution of natural oils, strengthens hair from roots, prevents dandruff and fungal scalp infection, to name but a few. When all the aforesaid problems get resolved, your hair fall is going to see a downfall. It is always good to switch to natural products to maximize the benefits. So, comb your hair with neem wood comb to enjoy healthy, bouncy and germ-free hair.

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