5 Ayurvedic Herbs That Clear Dry and Wet Cough

If you experience cough(dry or wet) frequently, you must try these Ayurvedic herbs that are proven in relieving the symptoms of cough.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jun 28, 2021Updated at: Jul 07, 2021
5 Ayurvedic Herbs That Clear Dry and Wet Cough

With a change in the weather, we tend to experience several symptoms affecting our respiratory system. In the current situation, it is even more important to ensure that our respiratory system is functioning well. Cough can be typically of two types- dry cough and wet cough. Both can affect our day-to-day lives and mood. Dry cough can be due to various conditions like environmental pollutions and allergies, whereas wet cough can be due to a bacterial or viral infection. To protect ourselves, we must have a good defence system, which is immunity. Although there are treatments available to boost immunity, a few Ayurvedic herbs work like a charm. Ayurveda, an ancient science that has been scientifically backed with various studies, is practised by experts and trusted by many.

Herbs are known to have immunomodulatory properties that help strengthen the body’s immunity and increase resistance against diseases. Ayurvedic expert Dr. Shruthi Hegde from The Himalaya Drug Company, shares, “Coughs can cause irritation and even hamper daily activities. Using Ayurvedic or herbal remedies help soothe the irritation, providing excellent relief from cough.”

Ayurvedic Herbs for Cough

Here’s a list of herbs and traditionally used ingredients that will help tackle cough. One can incorporate these in the supplements/tonics/cough lozenges.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Cough


Traditionally used in numerous medicines, Tulsi is great for relieving dry cough. It is used to improve immunity as it has immunomodulatory and analgesic properties. It helps boost the production of antibodies. Its cough-relieving properties help clear the airways by helping you cough out mucus. You can make tulsi tea by brewing some tulsi leaves with ginger. This is highly effective.


The second most common ingredient that provides cough relief in every season is honey. The natural sweetener has antibacterial properties. It coats the throat and alleviates irritation. This ingredient has many benefits and is widely available, which makes it easy to access. Consuming ginger helps in soothing and moisturising dry and irritated throat.

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Vasaka is a powerful herb for aiding all types of coughs like whooping cough, smoker’s cough, and dry cough. Rich in anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties, the herb holds high significance in treating the symptoms of cough and cold. It further helps with chest and nasal congestion.

Yashtimadhu herb

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An age-old remedy for cough and sore throat, the benefits of Yashtimadhu are plenty. Its Ayurvedic formulations are used to treat respiratory problems, skin infections, and liver disorders, among others. It is known to provide relief from conditions like cough and bronchitis.


Also known as ‘Indian nightshade’, Kantakari is an important medicinal herb. The herb has a pungent smell and a bitter taste. It is beneficial for the management of respiratory problems like cough because of its expectorant property. It helps release mucus from the respiratory passages, control the symptoms of asthma and provides relief from breathlessness.

One of the oldest medical systems in the world, Ayurveda is still practiced widely around the world. With Ayurveda, simple ingredients can help you manage your cough and keep your health in check. Cough is a highly common issue, especially as the seasons change. Thus, you must take note of these Ayurvedic herbs that can ease cough and help you live a healthier life.

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