Is Apple Cider Vinegar Always Good For You? Check These 6 Possible Side-Effects

Apple cider vinegar could actually have some possible side-effects on your health as well. Know about these side-effects for awareness. 

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 27, 2022Updated at: Apr 27, 2022
Is Apple Cider Vinegar Always Good For You? Check These 6 Possible Side-Effects

You must have heard a lot about benefits of apple cider vinegar. Things such as it contains good bacteria that could help you fight inflammation; it is beneficial for your skin and helps in weight loss as well. Apple cider vinegar is made by combining Apple along with yeast. This yeast present in the sugar converts apple into alcohol. It is considered as a weak acid but has strong acidic properties that might not always go in favor of this solution. Even after its rich contents of acetic acid, vitamins and minerals, it does have a fair share of side-effects as well. Apple cider vinegar might not be always the best remedy for you, so that you are aware of it, you must look at these possible side-effects of it.  

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Always Healthy? 

Apple cider vinegar is alcoholic; therefore, it might have some disadvantages as well. We spoke to Ms. Shilpa Singh, clinical nutritionist to help us know about possible side-effects of using apple cider vinegar excessively.  Apple vinegar contains around 5-6% of acetic acid that is weak acid but can be fairly strong for some functions of your body. Some of the studies suggest that it might affect digestive health, affect potassium levels and result in poor bone density in some cases. There could be some other potential side-effects that we would know in more detail. 


Possible Side-Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar 

1. Delayed Stomach Emptying 

According to nutritionist, consuming apple cider vinegar might slow down the rate of which food leaves your stomach. It takes longer for the food to travel from stomach and enter lower digestive tract. This could even affect absorption rate and number of nutrients that go in the bloodstream. This problem can get worse as with symptoms of gastroparesis. It is a common condition that rises with people that are living with diabetes.  

2. Digestive Problems 

There is a slight possibility that apple cider vinegar might cause unpleasant digestive symptoms because of which people can get affected. According to expert, the acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar can decrease your appetite because of which you might feel full all the time. This might be beneficial for some people but it could harm your health on a long term. Reduction in calorie intake needs to be regulated to provide sufficient amount of energy to the body. Apple cider vinegar might cause indigestion.

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3.  Low levels of potassium and bone loss 

It is also possible that apple cider vinegar could affect blood potassium levels in the body. Low potassium levels in the blood and bone loss could be caused if there are some abnormalities take place over a period of time. Apple cider vinegar might affect your body’s overall chemistry and lead to serious bone problems. This could include osteoporosis, that results to brittle bones.  

4. Erosion of Tooth Enamel 

Teeth can get affected because of consumption of excessive amount of apple cider vinegar in the diet. Acidic foods and beverages might cause some damage to tooth enamel. According to nutritionist, it is possible that different types of vinegar actually affect your pH levels that range from 2.7 to 3.95. it could affect your dental health and could be very problematic.  


5. Throat Burns 

Apple cider vinegar can have potential side-effect on esophageal burns. There were some cases where children have showed presence of acetic acid that results to throat burns in kids. But there is no particular evidence that could explain the cause of it. Apple cider vinegar could have difficulty in swallowing for 6 months in some case studies.  

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6. Skin Burns 

Because of the strong acidic nature, it is possible that apple cider vinegar could burn your skin as well. Even though it is mild in nature, it is could be possible that some drops of apple cider vinegar on the moles could cause burn on the skin. Especially in case of two moles, there is a high discrepancy about the skin. You need to be very careful about the amount of apple cider vinegar that could affect your skin on various portions of the body. 

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