Harmful Effects Of Drinking Cold Water In Summers

 In summers, most people drink cold water to quench their thirst. Here are some harmful effects of drinking ice water. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Apr 23, 2022Updated at: Apr 23, 2022
Harmful Effects Of Drinking Cold Water In Summers

As soon as summers come, they feel like eating cold and drinking cold and in order to get relief in the summer season, people often start drinking cold water from the fridge. However, this water can be very harmful to health. In the summer, many people drink the water of the refrigerator or water cooler to hydrate themselves adequately. However, perhaps they don't know that cold water can harm our health in the long run. Many of us start storing bottles in the refrigerator to drink chilled water during summers. But you may have also heard that drinking chilled water is not that beneficial for health, especially when the season changes from winters to summers. 

The belief that drinking cold water can harm your long-term health is based on the idea that cold water contracts the stomach, making it harder to digest food after a meal. It is also believed that our body has to work harder to maintain its internal temperature of 37 degree celsius if we are drinking water that is near the temperature of ice, or less than four degree celsius. Keep reading to know about the harmful effects of drinking cold or ice water in summers.

Harmful effects of drinking cold water in summer

It is recommended that you try to drink normal room temperature water most of the time to avoid any issues. Ayurveda advises against the practice of drinking chilled water no matter how hot it gets. Here are the harmful effects of drinking cold water in summers: 

1. Digestion issues 

If we drink cold water, the body has to work very hard to digest the food. Yes, because cold water shrinks the stomach, making it difficult to digest it after eating. Cold water affects the digestion system rapidly. Actually, when we drink cold water, it does not match with the body temperature and reaches the body and makes it difficult to digest the food present in the stomach.

2. Reduces heart rate 

Some studies have also shown that cold water may have a role to play in decreasing your heart rate. Drinking ice water supposedly stimulates the tenth cranial nerve - the vagus nerve. This nerve is a significant part of the body’s autonomous nervous system, and it mediates the lowering of heart rate. When you consume chilled water, the low temperatures of the water stimulates the nerve to cause the heart rate to drop. 

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3. Sinus and headache 

Drinking too much cold can also cause the problem of 'brain freeze'. This happens due to excessive consumption of ice water or ice cream. In this, the cold water cools the sensitive nerves of the spine, due to which it affects the brain. For this reason, headache and sinus problems can also occur. 

4. Constipation

Drinking cold water shrinks the intestines and freezes food. In such a situation, constipation becomes and is one of the major causes of constipation, all of this is due to cold water.

5. Increases fat

Cold water makes the fat stored in your body harder, due to which there is a problem in burning fat. If you are thinking of losing weight, then stay away from cold water.

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6. Sore throat 

It increases chances of getting a sore throat and stuffy nose. Drinking chilled water, especially after a meal, results in the build up of excess mucus (respiratory mucosa), which forms the protective layer of the respiratory tract. However, when the tract gets congested, it becomes vulnerable to many inflammatory infections.