Hot Water or Cold Water Bath: Here’s What Ayurveda Recommends

Ayurveda denotes that hot water and cold water have its own benefits and bathing with it has different effects on the human body

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AyurvedaWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jun 02, 2019Updated at: Jun 02, 2019
Hot Water or Cold Water Bath: Here’s What Ayurveda Recommends

Season-wise people change their bathing style! For instance, in winter they go for hot water and during summers, cold water suits them. But some of you might be confused about whether a hot water bath or cold water bath, which will be ideal for you. Hence, it is tough to make a decision but before making any choice you need to look at some factors like your age, habits, disease, etc, as both hot water bath and cold water bath have their own significance and benefits. Here are the benefits of a hot water bath and cold water bath as per Ayurveda

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Hot Water Bath

  • Relive in cold: It is advised to go for a hot water bath if you have a cold or fever as hot water helps in cleansing your nasal passages and water clogged lungs.
  • Enhances sleep: Taking a bath with hot water can also help you deal with sleeping issues like insomnia. A hot water shower promotes better sleep.
  • Calms stiff muscles: Do you know a hot water bath can release tension in muscles and help relax stiff muscles? Yes, if you are facing problems like muscle stiffness or soreness then hot water bath is ideal for you.
  • Relaxation: A hot water bath is a healing therapy as it helps you feel relaxed. If you want some quality rest then this is best for you.

Cold Water Bath

  • Boost weight loss: Cold water helps in weight loss. Yes, if you are looking to shade some weight, then having a cold water bath can definitely help you.
  • Hair and Skin: Cold water bath is good for hair and skin as the lower temperature helps in cleaning and maintaining skin hygiene. It also helps to seal your open pores and does not allow dirt to enter in your skin.
  • Refreshing properties: For the many of you who love to be lively, vigorous and active in the day, a cold water bath is the best approach. This is the reason many individuals favour a cold water bath to remain active for the duration of the day as it keeps them active and refreshed. 
  • Immunity booster: You will be surprised to know that people who have cold water bath also have a better immunity. Taking a cold water bath protects you from various diseases.
  • Relive stress: If you take a cold water shower, then you will definitely experience freedom from stress. A tap of running cold water on your head will rapidly decrease your stress levels.

Better blood circulation: As cold water bath lowers the body temperature, it also improves the blood circulation. Cold water bath also helps in lowering blood pressure and clearing the blocked arteries.

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Both cold water bath and hot water bath have their own benefits and it all depends on various factors that decide which type of water you should use for bathing. According to Ayurveda, if you take a bath in a hurry, you will never gain the benefits. You should always take the bath slowly, in order to stay fresh and active. Ayurveda also suggests that you must use cold water for the head and hot water for the body.

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