4 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Wet In The First Rain Of The Season

Even if you love rains, you must not get wet in the first rain or off-season rains because they are harmful for your health.

Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: May 23,2022
Updated at: May 23,2022

Rain comes as a relief from scorching heat and soaring high temperature. It indeed is a blessing in disguise that saves us from heat attack. For some people, rain is an emotion, a happy phenomenon that instantly lights up their mood and makes them joyous. This urges them to get wet in the rain. On the other hand, sudden showers can also make people wet. In either case, you should avoid getting wet in the first rain of the season. You must have also heard this from your elders time and again but do you know why it is said so? In this article, Dr. Dilip Gude, Senior Consultant Physician, Hyderabad tells whether first rain is good or bad. 

4 Reasons Why First Rain Is Harmful

First rain of the season is special because it relieves us from ruthless heat but that doesn’t mean you should enjoy it like monsoon rains. Even if it rained just when you needed, avoid getting wet. Here are five reasons why you should avoid getting wet in the first rain:

Temperature difference affects the immune system

First things first, you should not ignore the massive temperature difference before and after rains. It was 40 degrees and suddenly it dropped down to 20 degrees during rain. This certainly helps relieve hotness but this is not good for your immune system. Also, when you get wet, the temperature of the body declines sharply which hampers your immune system.

The body is adjusted to a temperature but when you get wet, the sudden decline makes your immune system confused. It is not able to adjust and so, becomes weak. Staying wet for prolonged periods increases the risk of other issues that we talk about in the next subhead.

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Increased chances of catching a cold

A lot of people get caught with cough and cold after they get wet in the rain. That urge to feel some cold water droplets on the body after surviving extreme hot weather is real but control it until monsoon. The chances of catching a cold or an upper respiratory tract infection are very high especially after getting wet in the first rains. Getting wet would make your body and clothes wet which is a solid risk factor for cold, infection and seasonal allergies. In case you don’t know, this cold is more dangerous than monsoon cold as your body is not accustomed to the temperature changes amid summer months.

  • If you get wet, immediately wipe your head and body.
  • Take shower with normal or lukewarm water to bring body temperature to normal.
  • Change into dry and warm clothes.
  • Have a warm drink.
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Contains high atmospheric pollutant content 

One of the main reasons why first rain is bad because of atmospheric pollutants in it. Pollution is at its peak during summer months that gets into the air and evaporates with water. So, these pollutants are present in rain water. These toxins and chemicals are hazardous for the body. So, avoid getting wet to expose yourself to these harmful elements.

If by chance, you get wet, make sure to use a goof antibacterial soap and body wash to thoroughly clean your body. Use a body scrub to eliminate toxins on your skin to prevent their ill effects on the body.

Acid rain and its effects on skin and hair

Mostly, first rains of the season are acidic due to high pollutants and other toxic elements. The atmospheric gases like sulphur dioxide/trioxide when dissolved in water form sulfuric and other acids which are known to cause bald patches, alopecia, brittle hair, dermatitis etc. 

The pollutants are definitely known to worsen other existing skin and hair disorders which is why the shower mandate recommendation after getting wet. The extremes of temperature difference are known to alter our immune system and make us prone to various other disorders as well.


The first rains of the season usually tend to be impure bringing down with it dust particles, germs, bacteria and dissolved gases which are present in the atmosphere. So, it is not a good idea to enjoy these rains. Wait for monsoon to satiate your wishes.

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