Stop Binge Eating During Diwali Shopping With These Hand Snacks

Festival Fever - Satiate yourself with health drinks rather than those harmful junks when shopping for Diwali!

Written by: Vani Malik Updated at: 2019-10-22 13:30

The festival of Diwali is celebrated with great attention to detail and perhaps involves the most elaborate shopping of the year. As you get hold of essential Diwali goodies, the tiredness can easily tempt you to binge on burgers, biryanis, pasta, noodles or any other mouth-watering delicacy, that is dripping with oil and made from white flour (maida). To avoid making that mistake, you should keep some healthy snacks handy, which solve both the problems of thirst and hunger together. Keeping convenient snacks also works as one can take a quick bite even while on the go.

Some drinkable snacks are most suitable for satiating yourself during Diwali shopping as they are convenient and provide many nutritional benefits. Plan your snacking when rushing from one shop to the other for Diwali with these healthy options –

Fruit Leather

If you are a fruit lover but cannot find time to have them during a shopping spree; pureed, flattened and dehydrated fresh fruit called fruit leather is an innovative way to solve your problem. Make sure that the fruit leather does not contain artificial sweeteners, artificial colours, preservatives, but instead have lots of fibres. Some manufacturers advertise fruit purees (that are artificial) as healthy fruit leather, but they are anything but that. Natural fruit leathers made from seasonal fruits are the best as there is no chance of infection with them.

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Have pureed soups while shopping. They are rich in nutrition such as fibre, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals, and some vegetables such as rajma, moong, beans, carrots, beet greens, cabbage, black-eyed, legumes, peas and many others also contain protein. Do not mix excess salt and its accompaniments in the soup if you are looking for health. Similarly, prefer milk for cream and whole wheat breadsticks for those made with white flour. Apart from the nutrition through solids, the liquid of the soup prevents you from dehydration.

Porridge (Daliya) with Milk and Grains

Porridge has a lot of health benefits such as being heart-friendly, helpful in lowering high blood sugar and reduction of weight. The fibre of the whole grain snack keeps the gastro-intestinal diseases at bay, including cancer. Much better than the cholesterol increasing and unhealthy fat depositing fried aloo chats many people are fond of as evening snack.

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Brown Rice Congee

Congee is a sort of rice porridge which is becoming quite popular in Asian countries because of its high energy and convenience in preparation. It is rich in nutrients such as iron, magnesium and B-complex vitamins. You can add the vegetable puree to the congee for enhanced phytochemical and the fibre content of the beverage.


It is a drink made from fermented milk. Yeast, probiotic bacteria, casein protein and other complex sugars are used for the fermentation. The probiotic nature of kefir improves your gastrointestinal health as well as immunity, and it also has a calming and stress relieving effect on your body. Much better than those harmful colas loaded with sugar and other very harmful ingredients.

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