Tried And Tested Doctor-Verified Tips To Delay Skin Ageing

Did you know you can delay skin ageing by taking the right care of your skin? This dermatologist has some perils to share

Written by: Vani Malik Updated at: 2020-06-24 15:04

In times when we all take extra care of our skin be it at any age, we certainly do not like to see those fine lines and ageing signs creeping in! Also, as per experts, one of the most sought-after skincare regimes is anti-ageing skincare. We may change our skincare products and brands thinking for it to be good for our skin, but even the slightest of a change in the skincare routine goes a long way. Hence, ageing gracefully is all about taking the right care of the skin. No matter how many cosmetic treatments are now available, which are not just affordable but can also make your skin look younger without any hard work. But the best way to start is to have a sound daily skincare regime. To begin with, here are some tips to ‘age-proof’ your skin by Dermatologist Dr Sravya Chowdary Tipirneni

Vitamin A In Your Skincare Routine

To start with, do not forget to add Vitamin A to your skincare routine by adding retinol to your bedtime skincare routine. However, do not begin without consulting a dermatologist. This very agent can help lighten the fine lines and even early wrinkles on the skin. Further, it helps to even out the uneven skin tone and sunspots. Dr Tipirneni adds, “The longer your use retinol in your skincare routine, the easier it becomes for the skin to get used to the skincare agent. Also, it is a myth that anti-ageing skin creams should only be used for those approaching their old age. In times when skin needs more care to cater to the external agents, one should start early when it comes to usage of anti-ageing creams.”

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Also, we should understand that sunscreen is serious business. It is not just cream in your skincare routine but also a necessity for the skin to be safe from the harmful UV rays. The harmful radiations lead to photo-ageing. Hence, opt for an excellent non-comedogenic matte finish sunscreen. Therefore, protect skin from the harmful UV rays to delay ageing. 

Weight Affects The Skin Too

If you think your skin does not change with the weight fluctuations in the body, then you are certainly mistaken! Going on sudden crash diets or excessive binging can have the same glaring effects on the skin too. Weight fluctuations may seem normal, but it does affect the skin with semi-permanent stretch marks. Hence, avoid sudden weight fluctuations. Losing weight is good but then try to maintain the same weight. Sudden weight fluctuations can make the skin look older and also sag early.

Less Stress For The Skin

You must have heard how our expressions and stress levels can take a toll on the skin too. No one is unheard of the ‘worry lines’, ‘stress lines’ and ‘frown lines’ and your mood does take a toll on your skin with these marks, which become permanent on the skin too. How we say that your face shows that you are in a bad mood, it starts to reflect on the skin too. Hence, slow ageing is also related to how our spirits remain in our daily lives.

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A Colourful Diet and Fitness Routine For The Skin

Dr Tipirneni adds, “I always say that one should have a bright and colourful diet for its antioxidants, which helps in repairing the damaged cells in the body. Also, one should eat a balance of nuts and dry fruits to get all the essential fatty acids for the skin to look healthy. Further, do not forget to add walnuts in your skincare routine diet for it boosts the collagen in the skin, making it look younger, vibrant and healthy.” Some other diet points to follow:

  • Avoid high glycaemic foods as they lead to acne and ageing
  • Mangoes can lead to acne in summers. Hence eat in moderation
  • One should exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes every day for good blood circulation in the body. It leads to the release of happy hormones in the body.
  • Do not smoke as it leads to the breakdown of collagen in the body, leading to wrinkles and early signs of ageing.

Some tips for oily skin: 

With inputs from Dr Sravya Chowdary Tipirneni, Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield

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