Skipping Dinner? 6 Side Effects That Could Affect Your Health

Dinner may not be the most important meal of the day, but you still should skip it. Check out the side effects of missing out your dinner.  

Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 20,2022
Updated at: May 20,2022

Different people choose different ways to cut down their weight and have a good routine. There have been different types of fasting that are available according to the need of the person. However, some of the fasting diets require you not to eat anything in the night. One of the most popular diets right now is known as intermittent fasting. In this diet plan, you are required to eat very less or minimal nutrients in the dinner. People have developed this theory that not eating anything in the night or skipping meals could affect their weight loss. But this is a big myth, reason we will tell you in this article.  

Should you Skip Dinner? 

We spoke to Ms. Shilpa Singh, Clinical nutritionist from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow to know if there are any side-effects or downfall of skipping dinner. She says that skipping your last meal, that is dinner is actually not very fruitful. It is advised to keep a light meal, but not completely forget about it. Also, the sleep patterns play a major role in determining the timeliness of dinner. If you have a habit of sleeping at 11pm in the night, then you should actually have light food. Those who train and sleep on time, which is around 8-9pm can skip their dinner or have watery fruits in the late evening.  

Side- Effects of Skipping Dinner 

I guess you may not know that skipping your dinner meal could have a negative impact on both your physical and mental health. Skipping dinner on a regular bases could actually land into trouble of some of the following side-effects.  

1. You can experience Anxiety 

Bring any kind of meal. Special dinner could lead you to experience anxiety in the night. This is because it has an impact on the mental health. Those who try to skip dinner on a regular basis could have this tendency to eat something in the night, most probably junk. It increases your anxiety levels and blood sugar sticks and dip therefore; you start producing cortisol. This is commonly known as stress hormone and could regulate the dip in the blood sugar levels of the body. 

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2. Sleep Deprivation 

Skipping a meal could actually lead you into sleep deprivation. This could have a serious impact on the mental health and could lead to skipping breakfast. A study published in 2018 by International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health told that those who skip breakfast could lead you to symptoms such as depression and stress levels. This could elevate further and release stress hormones that might hamper your sleep. If this happens regularly, then it can cause sleep deprivation. 

3. Energy Levels could take Major Dip 

When you are running on glucose, it is important to maintain those levels which could only be done because by eating dinner. The huge swing in blood sugar levels could cause complications, especially this can trouble you over night. Do not forget that it is better when you take light meals in the night. This is because it affects your digestion process and could actually lower the burning of calories in the body. 


4. Can develop strong Food Cravings 

There could be several consequences of skipping your dinner meal, one of them could be developing strong food cravings. Disregarding your hunger can leave you with serious food cravings. This could especially happen when disregarding the hunger problems and carbs or sugar pattern.  consequences of skipping any type of meal could be very intrusive and you might lose control over your eating patterns because of skipping dinner. 

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