7 Foods And Drinks To Bring Out Shiny Teeth When You Smile

Teeth cleaning and cleansing are very important, here are some foods that could make your teeth shinny.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 19, 2022Updated at: May 19, 2022
7 Foods And Drinks To Bring Out Shiny Teeth When You Smile

Have you ever wandered about having that perfect smile and shiny teeth as you see in the advertisements? Well, you are in good luck because that is quite possible. Dental health is of much importance but choosing the wrong food that affect your teeth and gums actually cause the yellowish color. Depending on the food we eat, your teeth can also become shiny and healthy. Not just fruits but there are some drinks that might also help with your oral beauty and hygiene. The foods that we are going to mention below contain natural whitening agents that could brighten your teeth and make it look shiny. These foods also protect your gums from getting bacterial infections. 

Foods and Drinks For Shiny Teeth 

Here is the list of food items that you can consume without worrying about your dental health and can give you a bright smile as well. 

1. Cheese 

You might think cheese to be sticky or unhealthy for your dental health, but surprise, it is not. Actually, cheese in rich in calcium, proteins and phosphorus that neutralizes the acids in the mouth and can aid you in mineralizing your teeth. You need to opt for a low-fat cheese that is saturated and does not affect your heart.  

2. Pineapples 

Whiten your teeth naturally with many other beneficial nutrients with the help of pineapples. The enzyme containing bromelain in the pineapples work as a natural stain removal for the teeth. It helps to break the plaque accumulated over the sticky bacteria and comes on the surface of the teeth. Plaque accumulation could result to acids that could potentially affect the enamel of the tooth and cause dental cavities, pineapples protect your teeth from it. 

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3. Baking soda 

The Journal of Clinical Dentistry published a study in 2008, consulting about the presence of baking soda in their diet. According to that study, baking soda is useful in removing plagues from the teeth even better than toothpaste. It also has whitening agents that could make your teeth look shinier. 


4. Broccoli 

Afcourse, health and broccoli seem to go together, right? Consuming this crunchy green vegetable on a regular basis could rather affect your dental health for good. Broccoli consists nutritional florets that work similar to the toothbrush bristles that help to clean the teeth naturally. Not to mention that veggies have a high iron content that could lead the tooth enamel for things such as- 

  • Harmful bacteria 
  • Acid erosion 
  • Stains 

5. Strawberries 

Although strawberries are red in color, it could whiten your teeth. You may think strawberries might leave that pinkish red texture on your teeth, but no, they don’t. A big component of strawberries contains malic acid which acts like a natural astringent. This helps to remove the discoloration and protects your teeth from unwanted damage. You can put strawberries in dessert, cereals, salads and juice.  


6. Water 

Interestingly, even though water does not have a color of its own, it could actually brighten your teeth and make it look brighter. Water keeps you hydrated and prevents the formation of stains on your teeth. This is the reason that dentists and your parents ask you to drink water after meals and wash your mouth after every meal. Water additionally lowers the overall acidity level in the mouth and can reduce the chances of tooth or enamel damage. Do not drink sparkling water as it actually damages your teeth. 

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7. Apples 

Last but not the least, apples. By eating good amount of apples in a diet, you aren’t just keeping the dentists away but also bringing a brighter shiny smile to your face. Apples are crunchy and act as a natural abrasive scrub that cleanses your teeth and makes it from chomping them. Like the strawberries, apples have a high malic acid that improve the concentration of the fruits and promotes extra saliva. This helps to prevent tooth stains while cleaning teeth.

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