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Red Lady Finger Benefits: Know Why Should You Add This Vegetable To Your Diet

Let us take a step ahead and learn about the various health benefits of consuming red lady fingers.  

Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Nov 19,2021
Updated at: Nov 25,2021

Since childhood we all have been forced to consume various vegetables in order to get proper nutrition. No matter how much we used to hate eating those veggies, our parents always made sure that we were finishing it all. Once adulthood kicks in we slowly start understanding the importance of having a balanced and nutritious diet due to which even the most hated food items become a part of our regular diet. While talking about vegetables and their health benefits, we often stress about the nutritional value of all the green vegetables and the benefits that they provide to our overall health. In the twenty-first century even the vegetables have been emerging into new shapes and colours where scientists around the globe have been experimenting in order to produce something with high nutritional value. In this sequence, the red lady finger is something that has gained a lot of popularity recently due to the varied health benefits it has to offer. Red lady finger consists of various nutrients and tastes better than the regular green okra. Enriched with the goodness of anthocyanin and crude fiber, this lady finger helps to keep the blood sugar levels in check. This lady finger has been developed after years long research performed in the Indian Institute of Vegetable Research (IIVR). Rich in b-complex, red lady finger is said to have higher nutritional value compared to its green variant. High in nutritional value, the red lady finger consists of nutrients such as calcium, iron, and antioxidants. Let us take a step ahead and learn about the various health benefits of consuming red lady fingers with Ms Anam Golandaz, Clinical Dietician at Mumbai's Masina Hospital.

Benfits Of Red Lady Finger 

Where this newly discovered vegetable is gaining so much of popularity and has been in news for quite a while, let us try to understand what it actually is and the benefits of consuming this red vegetable. Before getting into the benefits of this red lady finger let us take a look at what Ms. Anam Golandaz has to say about it- "We all know that the fruits and vegetables that we consume are rich in antioxidants and fiber. Similarly red lady finger is enriched with the goodness of nutrients which consists of natural laxative properties. What makes this red lady finger stand out from the regular green one is the presence of a pigment called anthocyanins which provides it with its colour. This anthracycline acts like an antioxidant which helps in preventing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancers as well. Many people also claim that this red lady finger is rich in iron and calcium which is beneficial for pregnant women."

#1. Promotes Heart Health

Image Credits- The Gaurdian

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As heart attacks have become one of the most common causes of death around the globe, it becomes crucial to take proper care of your heart and keep it healthy. As the cases of stroke and heart attacks have been increasing with a rapid rate, consuming food items and opting for a lifestyle that is good for your heart becomes very crucial. High in nutritional value, red lady finger is said to be very beneficial for your heart and adding it into your regular diet can help to keepout heart healthy. This vegetable is said to be extremely helpful for people suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol levels are blood pressure issues. The presence of soluble fiber in this vegetable makes it a good option for people suffering from cholesterol. This soluble fiber present in this vegetable helps in modifying the production of bile juices in the intestine and hence lowers the bad cholesterol levels in the blood.

#2. Keeps Blood Sugar Levels in check

With diabetes being one of the most common conditions observed in people around the world, it is important to control the blood sugar levels as the severity of this condition can give rise to further complications. Red lady finger is said to have a low glycemic index. This low glycemic index of the lady finger helps it in maintaining the optimal glucose levels in the blood. Along with this it also consists of a substance called myricetin. This substance helps in improving the sugar absorption by muscles which helps in lowering the blood sugar levels.

Image Credits- Times Of India

Moreover a vitamin compound that red lady finger consists of and that differs from its green alternative is vitamin B-complex. Researchers have linked the consumption of b-complex with a low risk of type-2 diabetes. Vitamin b plays an important role in the way your body breaks down proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

#3. Pregnancy

Image Credits- Otibac Probiotics

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Pregnancy is a time when not just your belly grows out but also brings numerous changes to your entire body. At the time of pregnancy where you have already been getting various pieces of advice from your parents, neighbours, friends and relatives, we would like to add one more thing to your list. Highly nutritious red lady finger is said to be part of a pregnant woman's diet due to its myriad health benefits. Red lady finger is rich in vitamin B and folate that is an important nutrient for pregnant women. The adequate amounts of this nutrient helps in lowering the risk of neural tube defects. This defect affects the development of the brain and spine of the developing fetus. 

With inputs from Ms. Anam Golandaz, Clinical Dietician, Masina Hospital, Mumbai


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