6 Common Myths About Cholesterol, Note These To Avoid Health Adversities

People have many misunderstanding about cholesterol. Consider these points to clear these misunderstanding.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Nov 12, 2021 15:55 IST
6 Common Myths About Cholesterol, Note These To Avoid Health Adversities

Cholesterol is always regarded for its bad name to have a negative effect on our health. What is I tell you, this is not compulsorily true. Cholesterol is actually as essential part of our diet that is useful to the body. Without cholesterol cell membranes of the person may be affected. Likewise there are many other misunderstandings about cholesterol you may not know. It is true that high levels of cholesterol in our body affects your health and created cardiovascular problems, but getting it in regulated amounts is actually healthy for our body. Let us know clear some misunderstandings about cholesterol today.

What is the Function of Cholesterol?

According to Clinical Nutritionist Ms. Shilpa Singh from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow, the function of cholesterol is providing nourishment to the cell membranes present in our body. It is an essential component for our livelihood and it needs to be had in minimalistic quantity for proper growth. Cholesterol produces steroid hormones, vitamin D and bile acids in the body that actually helps in structural growth if the membranes. Therefore it isn’t as bad as it seems and portrayed. 


6 Misunderstanding About Having Cholesterol

1. All Cholesterol are bad for health

As mentioned earlier cholesterol is actually an essential part of the meal and should not be missed. This means that it contains nutrients which actually help in building membrane structure with help of other nutrients. Even though high cholesterol leads to risk of heart problems, adequate amount is necessary for the body and is important to maintain balance. There are actually 2 types of cholesterol present in the body LDL and HDL

HDL that is high density lipoproteins are good cholesterol that help in liver function and maintaining health whereas low density lipoproteins are harmful for the cardiac health.

2. Fit people can have more cholesterol

If you think you have a healthy weight ratio and are considered fit according to BMI, therefore you can consume more cholesterol, it is false. You should never consume more than necessary amount of cholesterol because it can mix with other substances like fats and calcium which can result to blockage in the nerves causing serious complications.

In fact if you consume more cholesterol thinking of your healthy weight, you could be at high risk of heart problems and stroke because symptoms of blockage in the nerves are not evident until the situation becomes serious and complicated.

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3. High cholesterol levels bring symptoms

This is in addition to the last point that high cholesterol levels do not show any major symptoms in the body until the parameters reach dangerous levels. Coming back and risking you life till that point can be very harmful for your body. Therefore do not assume or sit relaxed with excess cholesterol levels in the process thinking you will have symptoms if cholesterol levels increase. 


Some basic symptoms of increase in cholesterol levels are-

  • Chest pain
  • Mild heart attack
  • Breathing issues
  • Uneasiness 

4. Everyone has same cholesterol demands

This is also a misunderstanding in many people about cholesterol intake. Everyone has different body functioning and levels of consumption. A person who does more physical work may have higher demands of cholesterol than others. It also depends on the history of diseases a person is suffering from, a person having diabetic history in his family should intake very less cholesterol, whereas a person who does not have any major health issues can take little more cholesterol in their body.

In fact blood pressure is also affected differently in people having same cholesterol levels which imply that same cholesterol levels do not work in same manner for every individual.

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5. Men need to worry about their cholesterol levels, not women

This is a weird misunderstanding in people that it affects more men than women. However, according to experts, women tend to have higher tendency to fall for cholesterol related problems than men. Another fact is that women have higher cases of heart attack because of increased levels of cholesterol in their body than in the case of men. This proofs this is a big misunderstanding and everyone should take care of their individual cholesterol levels. 


6. There is nothing to do about cholesterol levels

This is also a big misunderstanding; actually there is plenty you can do to control your cholesterol levels in the body. For this you need to follow these tips-

  1. Exercise regularly for atleast 30 minutes
  2. Prefer walking between work intervals
  3. Eat low cholesterol diet and avoid food items that may have higher cholesterol rate
  4. Choose you oil carefully
  5. Avoid smoking or quit it
  6. Do not indulge in alcohol abuse
  7. Maintain a healthy weight

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