Hyperpigmentation Skin Treatment: How To Get Crystal Clear Skin Naturally At Home?

There are different laser treatments for different acne issues of the skin as all penetrate slightly differently. 

Written by: Tavishi Dogra Updated at: 2020-04-19 12:00

There are few things in life which are as annoying as pimples, abnormal bumps and pigmentation, which mostly occurs when we have an important event to look forward to. The task becomes a further arduous one when we are faced with blaring marketing gimmicks of brands which assure 100% satisfactory results with no headway. What do you do then? The only way to help deal with this problem is a recourse to medically approved treatment which is driven by patience to see assured results.

We all know for a fact that watching our diet, food intake is crucial but that alone cannot help us fight this recurrent problem fool-proof. Apart from this some would also advocate inculcating a habit of the good skincare regimen, which is a must in the long run but does not warrant as to the solution to the problem.

  • The long-term tangible solution for the problem related to pimples, acne, pigmentation and its resulting conditions like rosacea and acne scarring can also be mentally detrimental for some people.
  • The only way to supercharge your skincare health is to opt for laser treatments which guarantee results in the long run.
  • To begin with, usually, after at least 6-8 sessions ranging over 3-4 weeks is generally prescribed timeframe for acne treatment.
  • The laser used is not an infrared or UV light, but it usually emits light at a different wavelength to treat and penetrate the layers of the skin.
  • It depends how deep your sebaceous glands are, how much bacteria are on the skin and many other factors.

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It is important for people, suffering from such problem, to understand that exposure to the sun rays or direct UV rays damage or break down the collagen in the skin and create DNA damage within the skin cells. Dr Saurabh Sharma, Founder- Specialist Clinic (Jalandhar) shares that the latest laser technology like Q-Switch provides the low-level intensity of lasers which help in skin rejuvenation, its moderate level intensity is applied for removing age spots, acne scars and lesions while high intensity is for tattoo removals.

Lasers can effectively treat pigmentation issues as they are absorbed by melanin but ignored by the rest of the skin. It just heats the pigment cell to a point where they are destroyed and the body then gets rid of them. Your treatment for pigmentation will also depend on your skin type and how deep your pigment penetration is. Post the treatment one needs to maintain a routine skincare regimen to protect the skin as advised by their doctors.

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One needs to be mindful of the treatments that are currently available but before resorting to any, medical assistance needs to be sought to understand it better. This is also to clarify that not all laser treatments are for all skin types, there are lasers for skin and colours as well. Before you choose to go for a treatment, always take consultation from your doctor to understand the process rather than rushing into one, your doctor will be able to not only guide you better but also help you with the best treatments for your skin condition that you can opt for.

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