Hair Care Myths Facts: Know The Right And Wrong When It Comes To Taking Care Of Your Hair

Hair help us to improve your personality, here are some misconceptions you should seriously remain aware of.

Written by: Puru Bansal Updated at: 2021-12-11 09:55

We all have been hearing a lot about hair care treatments that could be beneficial to keep our hair healthy. A lot has been discussed earlier and there have been many misconceptions which have been revolving around this. Hair is a crucial part of our personality and hence majority of people give special care to their hair. Girls might agree with me more on this, but then you look at boys. They have been spending considerable amount of time in hair saloons to keep up with the pace. Today we are going to discuss about some misconceptions people have regarding their hair and wrong techniques that they apply. Let us bust these myths and make our hair stronger. 

Common Hair Misconceptions and Facts behind It

Myth 1: Hair Grows faster when it is trimmed more often

Fact- This has been long said trimmed hair can increase the speed of growth. It is a false statement because it is actually hair follicles present in your scalp that determines the rate of growth. If more follicles are present, then the rate of growth is also higher. How often it happens that you trim your hair and they tend to grow faster? The fact remains that since tendency of hair fall decreases with trimmed hair, therefore higher growth is visible.

Myth 2: My Eyebrows should match my hair colour

Fact- This is not completely false; there should be some resemblance of your eyebrow colour with that of hair colour. This is because the pigment present beneath your skin is responsible for hair colour, it could differ in little bit because of frequency. If the colour differs from 2 or more shades, then you need to get yourself checked.

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Myth 3: Greying of hair is because of Stress

Fact- Stress can increase greying of hair but it is not the only reason. Grey hair is caused because of melanocytes which produce melanin. This pigment is responsible for dying of hair or lead to hair colour loss. Even though there is some evidence which say that stress could be a reason for greying of hair, it is just a factor. Also greying of hair has nothing to do with genetics. 

Myth 4: Plucking of Grey Hair will give more grey hair

Fact- You may have heard this lot from your parents or relatives not to pluck grey hair. They feel that this might increase number of grey hair on your scalp which is actually a myth. Plucking of hair does not cause more grey hair but it is not recommended. The fact is that it may lead to thinning of hair and patches on the hair. Hence it is best to avoid plucking of grey hair no matter what.

Myth 5: The more you brush, healthier your hair might become

Fact- Brushing your hair multiple times could cause more friction in your hair and could result to hair damage. Brushing your hair is important because it helps to distribute nutrients to every part of the hair. But over doing it and exaggerating it could make it frizzy. If your hair is more sensitive and fragile then it could lead to hair loss. A solution for this is brush your hair with wider tooth comb. Also try to massage your scalp with oil so that these types of problems are reduced.

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Myth 6: You can Shampoo your hair whenever you wash them

Fact- No, absolutely not, even though shampoo makes your hair look better, it contains chemicals. Those chemicals present in your shampoo and conditioner cause too much sebum in the hair and result to dehydration of hair. Either you need to opt for more natural based shampoo or cleansers, or wash hair at regular intervals. This can be very beneficial for your hair health and make them become glossy.

Myth 7: People having Greasy hair should skip conditioner

Fact- Another myth that should be busted is about use of conditioner. Natural conditioners are very beneficial for your hair and can be used at frequent intervals. Even if you are buying one from the shop, then also you might apply it once a while without any issue. Sebum present is the hair scalp provides nourishment to the tissues and does not let you hair look greasy and fizzy. One point that needs to be taken into consideration is that make use of clarifying conditioners rather than normal thick ones.

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