How to reduce fear of Uncertainty in Relationship

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Jun 15, 2013

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After the thrill of the chase, the beating hearts and the mad rain of despair that fell upon your love struck heart comes the very enjoyable moment of being declared boyfriend-girlfriend. This is the moment you have been waiting for, to have the exclusive right of being together for each other. But then comes a time when amidst the realms of love there arises a streak of doubt. It is not a definite doubt but an idea that may comes naturally to lovers. Before you get stuck in a whirlwind of madness with such fears of uncertainty we are here to bail you out.

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There is nothing like having a direct conversation with your partner, this is very important. Uncertainties will vanish with time as and when you start to learn more about your partner. In order to understand his or her psyche you will have to talk, and the more you understand the more certain you will get. Talking doesn’t mean nagging your partner by asking countless questions, which could have a negative impact. So instead of doing future planning with a cloud above your head, just work towards removing the cloud first before it starts to pour on you.

Public Acknowledgement

If your man or woman is really into you then he or she would not deter from accepting you publicly, try and figure out if it is otherwise in your case. It is of vital importance that he or she should accept you as a part of his or her life and make you meet friends and acquaintances. This is a vital sign, as then you will realise that he or she is not just playing games. But beware of the diplomatic ones, they can do all things right and then run away in the end.

Very Nice may not be Very Good

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is extremely nice then this may be something to think of. It is fine that your relationship with this person is extremely sweet and exciting, but is supposed to be so? Try and figure if he or she is doing this just to show you, there could be someone else behind the veil. In order to unveil this person you will have to bring up situations, let us just say that you are out eating at a place. Do something embarrassing that would usually put off someone and notice how he or she reacts. If his or her annoyance reflects on the face and starts to behave otherwise with you then you better be alarmed.

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Poke him/her

Poke your partner by cracking a joke, something which he or she doesn’t like or want to talk about; you will have to be shrewd when you are doing this. Throw this topic in a joke, as a punch line and figure out how your partner reacts to it. If he or she over reacts then there could be something to it, be careful not to anger him or her because everyone has their limits. The trick is to throw such bait with love and care, not with aggression.

You cannot predict a new relationship, there is bound to be uncertainties in your mind. Your primary work should be to understand your love interest and to look before you leap. You don’t want to be dazed and confused.

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