How to Know if You Are Emotionally Insecure

The symptoms of emotional insecurity range from jealousy and anger to vulnerability. Emotional insecurity in one partner might severely damage a realtionship and it requires immediate concern.

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 How to Know if You Are Emotionally Insecure

A relationship is a special bond shared by two people. However, problems in a relationship can be the cause of emotional insecurity in a relationship. Sometimes these signs of emotional insecurity are latent, hidden and at other times they are stark and visible. There is always a deep seated reason for any symptoms of emotional insecurity.


emotional insecurity



Jealousy is a sure shot sign of emotional insecurity. Sometimes lovers feel jealous of their partners’ friends or relatives. It can be a minor thing. However, if this jealousy begins to affect your relationship then it is time you took action. Overt jealousy is also a sign of emotional weakness and low self esteem.


Over dependency

If you need to consult your partner for every little decision that you have to take then it is a sign that you might be emotionally insecure. It is also a sign that you need your partner’s validation for every act of yours.


constant anger


Constant Anger

It is okay for couples to fight once in a while but if one of partner's is constantly looking for a reason to pick up a fight then there is something definitely amiss. Your partner might be emotionally insecure about the relationship and therefore, seeking ways to look for signs that you love her/him enough.


Low Self-Confidence

Emotional security has a huge influence on the way in which a person conducts her/his life. An emotionally insecure person will lack self confidence and be unwilling to take risks. Such a person will either be very dormant in a relationship or will try to hide his emotional insecurities by being overtly dominant.


Feeling Vulnerable

Emotional vulnerability is another symptom of emotional insecurity. Emotional insecurity will also cause problems in a relationship because the person feels vulnerable. S/he will feel betrayed easily and will seek answers and explanations for the tiniest things.


poor communication


Poor Communication Skills

It is very difficult for an emotionally insecure person to communicate. In a relationship, such a person will seldom convey what she/he is feeling. Silence is one of the keys weapons of such a person. S/he will suffer in silence and will also make their partners feel the pinch.

Relationship help is of primal importance to combat symptoms of emotional insecurity. An emotionally secure person will always fair better at everything including a relationship. Signs of emotional insecurity can be mistaken with someone being possessive or aggressive in nature. However, if the root cause of the problem is not dealt with in time, it can catapult into a serious concern.

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