World Oral Health Day 2020: Benefits Of Coconut Oil Pulling For Oral Health

Oil pulling is an old folk remedy to treat multiple oral health problems. Doing this with coconut oil brings better results.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Mar 19, 2020 18:53 IST
World Oral Health Day 2020: Benefits Of Coconut Oil Pulling For Oral Health

Oral health is an underappreciated part of overall health. People do not pay attention to oral issues which land them to serious health complications later on. If you believe mouth odor to be a natural problem, it is not. This could be a warning sign of an underlying serious ailment. Therefore, your regular medical checkup should also include an oral check-up.

For most of the common oral problems such as mouth odor or teeth yellowing, we prefer home remedies as these alternative therapies can help in warding off the problem without causing side-effects. Oil pulling is one such Ayurveda-approved therapy for oral health. This is a folk remedy practice in Asia but has now become popular in other parts of the world too for its purported oral health benefits. This is a daily oral care practice that is proven to whiten the yellow teeth without any bleaching agent!

What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is a simple process but done with oil instead of water. Just like how you do mouthwash, oil pulling is done. The two major differences are- it is done with oil and it is done for an extended period as compared to mouthwash.

Oil pulling can be done with different oils but coconut oil is said to be the best. Besides innumerable health benefits, coconut oil is easily absorbable which helps in fixing oral health woes easily and effectively. This goes deep down to your teeth to kill bacteria and treat inflammation. Also, this is edible. So, if you swallow some down, it is fine. Coconut oil is inexpensive and widely available and provides additional health benefits other than oral health. Read ahead to know the benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil.


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Teeth whitening

The major oral health benefit of oil pulling with coconut oil is that it helps in whitening the yellow teeth. Coconut oil contains natural bleaching properties which help to lighten the teeth stains. However, you must consult your dentists before practicing these as this might be risky for people with an existing ora health condition.

oil pulling

Kills bacteria present in the mouth

The main cause of oral problems is bacteria present in your mouth. There are hundreds of bacteria in your mouth right now some of which are bad bacteria. These trigger gum disease and tooth decay. Oil pulling with coconut oil boosts oral hygiene by expelling these bacteria from our mouth.

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Treats bad breath

Those who don’t follow oral hygiene are the ones suffering from bad breath problems. In addition to this, bad breath could also be a warning sign of a serious problem such as oral infection, gum disease, bacteria buildup, etc. By doing oil pulling regularly, you can reduce the risks if these issues for healthy teeth and gums.

Improves gum health by treating inflammation

Swollen red gums or painful gums, any problem can be healed with regular oil pulling. Bleeding gums is a serious problem that indicates the onset of gingivitis. Ward off all these risks by adopting good oral hygiene habits.

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