World First Aid Day 2019: 5 Common First Aid Mistakes

World First Aid Day 2019: It is important for everyone to have the right information about priority medicine, this can save the lives of others. 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Sep 14, 2019
World First Aid Day 2019: 5 Common First Aid Mistakes

World First Aid Day 2019: The second Saturday of September is celebrated as World First Aid Day. This is a campaign, which is run to save the lives of people in accidents and emergencies.

Accidents like: 

  • slipping
  • falling
  • bruising 
  • suffocation 
can occur anywhere. Although such accidents are very minor but if not treated on time or ignored, these accidents can cause serious problems. However, several times people make dangerous mistakes while giving first aid to others, which can cause serious problems.  Let us know such mistakes to avoid:


Most people apply ice to the burnt part but one should not do it, as it can cause frostbite and damage the skin. You should also avoid applying butter or toothpaste on the injured area. Instead, first, you should wash the burnt part thoroughly with cold water, then wipe it with a dry and clean cloth. By doing this, the inflammation is reduced. Put bandage or gauze on the burn area. Do not use cotton, as its fibers can irritate you by sticking to the wound.


While bleeding from the nose never lay your head back as it won't stop the bleeding, and there are chances that the blood might go down to your throat. Instead, you should lean forward and pinch the nose. Mostly nose bleeding is due to allergies or heatstroke. If the bleeding does not stop then see a doctor immediately.

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If a person is injured in front of you, never try to move or shake him. Often, people move the injured person to see if they are well or not, but doing so can cause serious hazards to the spinal cord and can have a profound effect on the brain. In such a situation, take the injured person to the hospital immediately, so that their life can be saved on time.

Sprains and fractures

Try to keep the broken bone firm (without moving it). Never put hot things on it because it only gives you relief from pain, but does not help in treating sprains or fractures. Rather, it may increase the risk of swelling in the affected area. Tighten the broken part with the help of cloth or bandage (tie it always with cold water or ice). You can do the same remedy for sprains.

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If the snake has bitten, immediately wash the wound with soapy water and apply for antiseptic medicine. Tie a bandage two inches above the cut area (bitten) so that the poison cannot spread to other parts of the body.

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