World Brain Tumour Day 2021: Know The Warning Signs Signalling Tumor Growth

Brain tumour is a serious condition that can harm your health in many ways. Here are some warning signs to identify tumour growth in the brain.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jun 08, 2020
World Brain Tumour Day 2021: Know The Warning Signs Signalling Tumor Growth

Brain is the control center of your body and any damage to it would affect the whole body. When you get a headache, you find yourself unable to do anything until the pain subsides. Being one of the vital organs of the body, our brain needs to be in its healthy self. We generally miss out on a lot of warning signs that our brain gives. It gets too late before we find the reason behind it. Brain tumour is one such serious condition whose signs are so generic that they often go unnoticed or we disregard them. For example, a persistent headache is not normal. It signals that something is not right. World Brain Tumour Day is observed to spread awareness about this life-threatening condition to help people avert this risk. In this article, we have mentioned the telltale signs of brain tumour that shouldn’t ignore.

What Is Brain Tumour?

When the tissue grows abnormally in the brain, it causes tumour. This can badly affect your brain’s functions which impact other bodily functions that are controlled by the brain. However, these tumours are usually benign or non-cancerous. But this can lay a serious impact on your brain health. Meningioma is the most common brain tumour. How to identify if you have a tumour developing in the brain? What are the causes of brain tumour? Is this preventable? These are some common questions related to brain tumour that are answered in this article.

Causes Of Brain Tumour

Here are some common causes of brain tumour

  • Exposure to radiation
  • Radiation therapy of the head
  • Head injury
  • Hereditary(a person with a family history of tumour may get it but the chances are very low)
  • Exposure to certain chemicals

Warning Signs of Brain Tumour

The growth of a tumour in the brain is different from other body parts. Since your brain is small, the tumour doesn’t get enough space to grow which results in pressing the nerves. These nerves are connected to different body parts and due to them getting pressed by the tumour, a lot of changes will occur. However, the signs and symptoms would depend upon the location, type and size of the tumour.

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Here are some common warning signs of brain tumour.

  • Sudden and severe headaches which may persist for days. This would be different than the headaches you generally get. Watch out for a different pattern.
  • Waking up to a headache every day.
  • An increase in the frequency and intensity of headaches.
  • Feeling nauseous at odd times.
  • Loss of vision, focus and concentration.
  • In some cases, loss of hearing and speech may also be seen.
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Poor body coordination where you cannot walk with balance.
  • Memory loss issues along with behavior and personality changes.
  • Involuntary jerks and twitching of muscles which may be indications of convulsions or seizures.
  • Some people may suffer a loss of movements and sensations in the limbs
  • Numbness in legs and arms

Brain tumour is a serious condition that is becoming common with passing days. Poor lifestyle, unnecessary stress, negligence towards initial symptoms are some reasons why brain tumour is caused. The signs mentioned in this article can aggravate gradually which is an indication of a growing tumour. Only timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent any serious health complications.

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