Do You Constantly Have A Headache? Know The Different Kinds, Signs, Symptoms And Causes

Headaches are very common, but there are different categories in which headache is divided. Find out the difference between the two.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Mar 22, 2021Updated at: Mar 25, 2021
Do You Constantly Have A Headache? Know The Different Kinds, Signs, Symptoms And Causes

We must have heard this term ample number of times in our life- Headache. This medical term or condition is very common and often caused due to numerous problems. But headache is not just a disease but can also be a sign to a bigger disease or problem. Hence being careful at all times is important. It can be classified into two categories- Primary and Secondary headaches. Let us know about this in detail. 

Primary Vs Secondary Headache

Primary Headaches as the name suggests are more common and less intense headaches. This type of headache is the main issue in itself and not of any other disease. Primary Headaches are caused by pain-sensitive features in the head. It can also be genital factor which cases these headaches.

Examples for Primary Headaches-

  • Cluster Headache
  • Migrane
  • Tension Headaches
  • Trigeminal Automatic Cephalagia (TAC)


Secondary Headaches are the symptoms caused due to an underlying disease of infection which can be harmful for the body. These can cause discomfort in the region of the head or the face. The frequency of the pain can differ according to the underlying disease or the severity of the issue. This should not be taken lightly and the person should go to the doctor. 

Examples for Secondary Headaches-

  • Brain Infection
  • Brain Tumour
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Problems with the blood vessels
  • High Blood Pressure

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Causes of Primary Headaches-

Since Primary Headaches is not a symptom but the problem itself, hence it is important to understand the causes of primary headaches.

•Consumption of Alcohol- especially red wine.
•Food items such as processed meat etc.
•Lack of sleep of change in the sleep cycle
•Poor posture
•Skipped meals

Signs of Secondary headaches-

  1. There is a new or different type of headache in someone who is over 50 years old.
  2. Headache that worsens while changing position or posture 
  3. If you have heavy headache while you cough.
  4. Headache which is associated with chewing food.
  5. If you wake up due to a headache

All these type of headaches can be signs that you might be having another disease therefore you must see a doctor if you have these symptoms. But there are many other symptoms which might reflect that you are at a higher risk. If you have these symptoms, please pay a visit to the doctor as soon as possible.


Serious Symptoms Which Can Be Deadly-

1.If you have seizure while sneezing or coughing

2.Headache that occurs with a head injury

3.Vomiting without nausea

4.Inability to move a limb

5.Slurred speech

6.Mental confusion

7.Visual loss or visual abnormalities

8.High fever and neck stiffness.

All these signs and Symptoms tell us how severe a headache could be. Those which are secondary are at a high risk of developing a serious disease. But that does not mean who are suffering from primary headaches should not be careful.

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Expert Opinion From Dr. Azad Irani-

Dr. Azad Irani, who is a Consultant- Dept. of Neurology Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, explains about Primary and Secondary Headaches. He says that Primary Headaches are really common among people, some people experience it more often, others only have it during fever etc. Secondary Headaches are severe and the chances of having these headaches are also less. However one should never underestimate headaches lightly. 

Primary headaches are caused due to improper sleep, tension and migraine. In fact Dr. Irani says that 10% of men and 20% of Women suffer from migraine which is a big number. If you feel you are having regular headaches or other problems with the headaches then you must visit a doctor as it might be a sign of secondary headaches. 



Primary Headaches are more common but less problematic, they can go once you take medicine or proper rest. But secondary headaches are caused due to symptoms of more serious disease which can adversely affect your body. Hence if you have any major symptoms which reflect secondary disease, it is best to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

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