World Alzheimer’s Day 2021: 7 Signs And Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s You Need To Know About

Losing memory can cause serious problems and make life difficult. Here are 7 signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s that you can look for at an early stage

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaUpdated at: Sep 21, 2021 12:36 IST
World Alzheimer’s Day 2021: 7 Signs And Symptoms Of Alzheimer’s You Need To Know About

Imagine what it would be like to forget small things like where you left your car keys or did you even have your lunch or not. Forgetting stuff is one thing whereas losing memoring is another. Alzheimer’s is an old age condition or a brain disease that causes a slow decline in a person’s memory. This decline in memory can affect things like your reasoning and thinking skills. Although young folks need not to worry about getting affected by this disease at an early age, this is something that your elders might be going through. Here are 7 signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s that you all can look for at an early stage with Dr Manish Kulshrestha, Consultant, Neurology, Paras JK Hospital, Udaipur.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Losing memory can make it difficult to perform some simple daily tasks. Alzheimer's disease can actually disrupt these simple activities and hence it is important to look for the symptoms of Alzihmer’s at an early stage and take care of the affected person accordingly. Here’s what Dr. Kulshrestha has to say about this- “Alzheimer disease is the most common cause of neurodegenerative disorder in elderly individuals and it can be present in following ways-       

  • Forgetfulness of the recent events without affecting past events initially
  • Difficulty in navigating themselves in previously well-known areas
  • Difficulty in dressing and undressing
  • Difficulty in doing day to day activities on account of these aforesaid problems”

#1. Confusion with Time

Getting confused with dates and figuring it out later on your own can be a sign of Alzhimer’s. A person affected with this brain disease often loses the track of day, date, season and time. There are times when people tend to forget how and when they reached a certain place. Alzheimer’s can make it difficult for a person to understand things if they are not taking place immediately. 

#2. Memory Loss


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Memory loss is said to be one of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s brain disease. Due to this memory loss in an early stage of this disease a person tends to forget the things that he/she has learned recently. This memory loss is not limited to forgetting recently learnt information but it also includes forgetting important events and asking the same questions repeatedly. This memory loss can go to an extent that a person needs to rely upon family members or some electronic devices or reminder notes to remember simpler things.

#3. Change in Mood

Change of mood due to being out of their comfort zone is something that has been observed in many Alzheimer’s patients. This disease makes people depressed, confused, fearful, anxious and suspicious. Due to all these a person feels upset no matter if they are at a gathering or simply at home. All these feelings result in a drastic change in their mood and personality.

#4. Difficulty in Speaking 

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Stopping suddenly while speaking and being unable to recall the incident that they were talking about is something that Alzheimer’s patients go through. With Alzhiemer’s it becomes difficult for people to follow a conversation or repeat themselves. Mixing up names, difficulty in remembering a person’s name or asking for a familiar object. This brain disease makes it difficult for people to communicate even about the simplest of things.

#6. Withdrawal from Social Activities

It is difficult for a person with Alzhiemer’s to become a part of the conversation and expressing themselves through words. Due to this difficulty in self expression, patients of this brain disease often tend to cause social fatigue(cut off themselves not only from social activities and social gatherings but from other engagements as well). Feeling uninterested in social obligations or even in some important family functions can be a sign of this disease.

#5. Difficulty in completing Simple and Familiar Tasks

familiar task

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Imagine one day you wake up and forget how you used to brush your teeth. Sounds terrifying right? Well this is what a person suffering from Alzheimer’s has to go through. This disease makes it hard for a person to complete some simple daily life activities. These people might occasionally need someone's help in order to complete some simple tasks as well.

#7. Losing the ability to retract the path

Patients with Alzheimer’s disorder should not be left alone, especially at unfamiliar and new locations. With increasing age and getting affected by this brain disease a person loses his/her ability to retrace their own steps. Due to loss of this ability they tend to forget their path and get lost. 

Losing memory can cause some serious problems and make life difficult. Alheimer’s being a brain disease that directly affects the memory of a person and becomes a hindrance for them to perform some simple daily life activities. Memory loss, difficulty in speaking and changes in mood are some of the early symptoms of Alzhiemer’s that you need to look out for.

With Inputs from Dr Manish Kulshrestha, Consultant, Neurology, Paras JK Hospital, Udaipur 

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