Why People Are Testing Positive After Receiving Vaccine? Get Details Here

Coronavirus vaccine doesn’t provide 100% protection against the infection which is why people may be getting infected again.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Mar 30, 2021 13:23 IST
Why People Are Testing Positive After Receiving Vaccine? Get Details Here

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So many cases are now coming wherein people who got themselves vaccinated against COVID-19 are testing positive for this virus. Recently noted actor Paresh Rawal told that he has tested positive after receiving the dose and now former chief minister of J&K Farooq Abdullah has also tested positive after vaccination. If people are becoming infected despite getting immunised, what is the loophole?

Why Are People Testing COVID Positive After Vaccine Doses?

People Testing COVID Positive After Vaccine

There is not just one instance where someone has tested positive after receiving a vaccine shot but several cases have been identified as of now. Big names like actor Paresh Rawal and politician Farooq Abdullah received the vaccine but they have gotten infected weeks after. Here are their tweets:

Reasons why this is happening?

There are several reasons why people might be testing positive for coronavirus despite getting the vaccine.

  • Not following precautionary measures such as wearing masks in public, sanitising hands often, maintaining social distancing, ignoring other safety protocols as advised by the health ministry
  • Not following the after vaccination rules as told by doctors
  • Not receiving the second dose on time
  • Barrier in immunity

There can be various reasons why this might be happening. Experts emphasize that vaccination doesn’t mean the end of this virus. It is solely to protect you against the disease and affecting your body because of that. The infection might occur at any point in time but this vaccine helps in warding off the serious issues that it might trigger. Vaccinated people do need to abide by all the safety measures like others to prevent contracting from the virus. They can even transmit it to others and it can be dangerous for some to cope with the infection.

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covid re-infection

Is this re-infection?

Some people are assuming this phenomenon of getting infected after vaccination to be a case of re-infection but it is not at all true. This is, in fact, a breakthrough in the barrier of immunity that makes you at risk of infection despite vaccination. These vaccines are designed to prevent the disease and not the infection. The whole objective of vaccination is to turn it from severe infection to mild. Vaccination also reduces the rate of transmission to keep others safe.

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No vaccine in the world guarantees 100% protection which is also with this coronavirus vaccine. If you follow all the safety rules, you can remain protected. Vaccination is important to reduce the transmission rate and therefore, everyone must get it.

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