What Lifestyle Factors Cause Weak Bones?

Weak bones can affect your day to day lifestyle. Here are some factors calcium deficiency that may contribute towards poor bone health. Read on.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Nov 22, 2020Updated at: Nov 23, 2020
What Lifestyle Factors Cause Weak Bones?

All the delicate inner organs of the body like brain and heart are protected by bones. We can protect ourselves from any injuries by this hard shield. In fact, bones help in the overall movement of our body. They are the support system and we cannot function without them. Bones give structure to our whole body. Moreover, our bones also have minerals such as calcium and phosphorous, which help in keeping the bones strong. They even release them into the body when we need them. However, it can be very difficult for a person to survive with weak bones. Poor bone health is especially experienced at old age. It is a priority to protect and maintain them. In this article, you will get to know about the lifestyle factors that affect bone health.

Lifestyle causes for weak bones

weak bones

It is always said that weak bones is a result of vitamin D and calcium deficiency. However, there are many other reasons behind your bones getting weak. One can always increase the intake of calcium and vitamin D, but there is a need to balance all the other factors too. Most of the reasons are directly connect to your lifestyle. Here are some of the major causes:

1. Smoking


Smoking is a major cause behind a lot of health problems. And not just respiratory disease, almost every dangerous health condition is indirectly or directly affected by cigarettes. Tobacco basically reduces the bone density levels. This is because smoking produces harmful toxins like free radicals that can kill the bone building nutrients. It can even be a bigger threat if you are underweight or don't exercise.

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2. Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol can also be a factor behind making your bones weak. Excess alcohol intake can lower the levels of calcium absorption in the body. Having alcohol regularly reduces the calcium present in the bones, resulting in making them weaker day by day. So, try avoiding the consumption of alcohol for good bone health.

3. No physical activity

no exercise

Some physical activities like exercise, walking, running, swimming and dancing are important for many bodily functions. No physical activity can freeze your muscles and bones. You have to be active in order to avoid the risk of weak bones. Exercise and yoga help in making your bone mass stronger.

4. Certain medicines

Some medicines and medical conditions of osteoporosis may also become a cause for weak bones. Therefore, don't try taking any medicines on your own and go according to the doctor's prescription only.

5. Too much salt

excess salt

Experts also say that consuming too much salt can reduce the bone density. As the sodium levels increase in your body, it starts releasing more calcium through urine. So, it can result in making your bones weak.

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Therefore, one has to avoid making these above mentioned harmful mistakes in order to protect their bones from getting weak. In fact, take a proper balanced diet, full of nutrients like vitamin D and calcium. You can even talk to the doctor for making these small lifestyle changes for better bone health.

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