What Is Micro-Cheating? These 5 Signs Tell That Your Partner is Cheating

Micro-cheating is a new term that is used to describe unintentional cheating in a relationship. To know more, read this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Feb 06, 2021Updated at: Feb 06, 2021
What Is Micro-Cheating? These 5 Signs Tell That Your Partner is Cheating

Have you ever heard of the term ‘micro-cheating’ before? It is not as commonly said or heard as cheating but it is very much present in the lives of many couples. Micro cheating is a small act of emotional cheating that a partner does. Despite being in a serious committed relationship, one of the partners indulges in someone emotionally. However, most of them do not know that they are being unfaithful to their respective partners. They are unable to think of the consequences of this act. This doesn’t necessarily make them cheaters but it is just that they are ignorant of what they’re doing and what would happen if their partner comes to know about this. Micro-cheaters are just a little less committed than their partners. If you are doubtful whether your partner is cheating on you, here are some signs that may help you find out the truth.

#1 They are always on their phone

If your partner is constantly occupied with their phones a lot other than work stuff, something is fishy. Also, they are very particular about their phones and they do not leave their phone behind no matter what. They hide the phone when they see you coming and start using it after you are gone. They are reluctant not to show their phone to you even if it leads to arguments and fights.

signs of micro cheating

#2 They still follow their exes on social media

Go through their social media handles and check if they are still friends with their exes without your knowledge. It is not wrong to be friends with exes but the other partner should be told about this. Apart from being friends and following them on social media, they are in constant touch with them. Exchanging likes & comments on pictures and posts are very common. This could mean that your partner is not over his/her ex and indulging in micro-cheating.

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#3 A lot of miscommunications are happening

miscommunication between couples

If you are experiencing a lot of communication gap between you and your partner, micro-cheating could be the reason behind it. Whenever you try to confront let alone communicate with them, it just backfires on you. If you try to talk to them about their suspicious behaviour and other things, they would try to dismiss the discussion as soon as possible. They just won’t resist doubts and accusations. In a nutshell, a healthy discussion is a dream.

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#4 They still have dating apps on their phones

This can be a heartbreaking discovery for loyal partners but this is a part of micro-cheating that we are talking about. However, having dating apps doesn’t mean they are betraying you or thinking to cheat but it may out of habit for some people. This could be one of the fun activities for them.

#5 Travel and go to different events alone

Even though they have a partner, they may be going to parties and events alone. In some cases, micro-cheaters also travel alone. If you find out that they are willingly going alone and hesitate to take you with them, just talk to them to find the cause and resolve the issues once and for all.


Micro-cheaters are not really cheaters but there is some issue with them that is making them find comfort out of the relationship. These are some micro-cheating signs in a relationship and if you see them in your partner, you must talk to them.

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