Reasons Behind Abdominal Cramping in Early Pregnancy

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Jun 02, 2011
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  • Cramping could be treated as an early sign of pregnancy.
  • Stretching of uterus can cause mild cramping in early pregnancy.
  • Gas and constipation are commonly associated with cramps.
  • Sever cramping is a common sign of ectopic pregnancy.

Pregnancy comes with many complications. Women have to discern the difference between normal aches, pain and cramping and one that need more attention and the assistance of the doctor.

cramping early pregnancy causesCramping during pregnancy can either occur as an indicative sign of upcoming complications or simply as an indicator of stretching of the uterus. Women in early pregnancy often imagine cramps to be signals of impending miscarriage, though there are a number of other causes some of which are explained below:



In the initial weeks of pregnancy many women experience pain similar to the one experienced during menstruation; this is mainly due to completion of implantation. Implantation cramping is an early sign of pregnancy and is not noticed until the pregnancy is confirmed. It is experienced when implantation takes place in the womb and continues till the newly formed foetus attaches itself to the uterus' wall.

Being an early indication of pregnancy, implantation cramps brings to you the good news. So, don’t take stress about them, instead welcome them with happiness and get ready to receive your baby.


Stretching of Uterus

From the first trimester of pregnancy, your body is constantly preparing itself for the baby to come, making  the uterus to expand and stretch so as to make space for the baby. As the uterus stretches. the supporting ligaments and muscles also stretch. This causes mild cramping that usually lasts short-term, but if cramping is constant and severe, you must talk to your doctor about it.


Gastric Problems

Problems associated with gas and constipation are commonly present during pregnancy and are the associated cramps. If you are suffering from gastric problems, you may experience cramping. Same goes with constipation during pregnancy.



Miscarriage is one of the main causes of cramping during pregnancy, however, mild pain in the lower abdomen must not be confused with the symptoms of miscarriage. It is only when cramping is accompanied by spotting or vaginal bleeding that it becomes a sure sign of miscarriage.


Ectopic Pregnancy

Severe cramping is a common symptom of ectopic pregnancy (complication of pregnancy wherein the egg implants itself on the outside of the uterus). If you experience cramping and abdominal pain along with bleeding, immediately take medical assistance.

Even though mild cramping is expected during pregnancy and is considered healthy, if you find that it has become intense or uncomfortable, consult your doctor. He/she will help to clear all the associated worries and provide proper treatment in case of any problem.

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