How To Conquer Your Stage Fright?

Stage fear is common and real problem. Here are some ways that can help you deal with it.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 01, 2022Updated at: Apr 01, 2022
How To Conquer Your Stage Fright?

I am sure that most of you might have felt fear or nervousness while going on the stage for the first time. It is very common and absolutely normal to feel so. Public speaking or performing in front of a crowd staring at you is not easy. But this does not mean that you should stop participating and taking part in activities. This fear is called as stage fright that releases a hormone because of which we feel nervous. Removing stage fright is not that difficult as it might seem. We have a few remedies and ways that can help you remove this stage fear and motivate you in public speaking activities.  

6 Ways to Deal with Stage Fright 

You might have different goals and type of fear when you go on the stage, but it actually is all one. Because that feeling or nervousness and fright of speaking does not go away until it really does. Here are some practical ways that you can apply in order to remove stage fright. 

1. Get into right head space 

Whenever you are planning to perform or go in front of a big crowd, it is important that you are in the right head space. Speech anxiety is an unpleasant feeling and that might remain until you have positive mindset and everything is clear in your head. If you have double thoughts about it, then it can become difficult for you to process the information. To get into the right headspace, you need to put yourself in shoes about what you really think and you are hoping for this presentation. Being on the right wavelengths will help you perform better in front of your audience. 


2. Belly Breathe 

This is a kind of modern gadget that helps you assist with talking head. When you are nervous, you breathe rapidly and slowly sometimes. This device helps you to fight this response and exacerbate the respiratory cycle. To counter this social anxiety, you can use this device that will bring down the nervousness and anxiety that has went up your head. It will help you get a resonant voice and can calm your heart rate down.  

3. Turn negative into positive thinking 

Positive thinking is one of the most important aspects of healthy living. Your response to actions and situations defines how you think on a particular event. While performing on the stage, it is always better to keep a healthy and positive mindset that allows you to reduce your nervousness and fear from the mind. When you think positive, then the chances of turning anxiety reduce and you are able to speak well in front of your audience. 

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4. Stand straight and open up your chest

When you go on the stage, then your body language becomes a very important tool to communicate. If you have good, sound body language, then it becomes easy for people to understand you. For this stand straight and allow your chest to come forward as shoulder drop into a natural position. This will help you look more professional and would be easier for you to influence people in a better way.


5. Let go off vague thoughts 

You must have got thoughts like “if this happens, then I will respond like that, or what if the situation chances in a certain this way” what is people do not like what I say. It all happens in your mind and especially when you are about to go on the stage. This is a big reason for stage fright. In order to control it, breathe deeply and let go off all such thoughts. If you cannot resist them, then react in a way that it does not even matter.  

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6. Talk your heart not what you wrote 

Most people have this problem that they tend to prepare huge power point presentation and try to memorize all they have to speak. This is a wrong way, especially when you have tendency to fall for stage fear. Instead you should just know your topic and speak your heart out accordingly. Most of the orators that are known for delivering good speeches do not prepare for hours, rather they just get into a conversation with their audience. Just speaking you true self can calm your nerves and help you vent your thoughts out.  

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