Want To Improve Your Sleep Cycle? Follow These Tips

A good sleep cycle ensures good overall health. Here is how to change sleep cycle in easy ways.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Mar 21, 2022 17:39 IST
Want To Improve Your Sleep Cycle? Follow These Tips

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If your life happy and stress-free? If the answer is a yes, you are lucky because most people would say a NO. Stress has become an integral part of our lives as we strive to work hard and earn success. All this while, what is compromised the most is mental and psychological health. The reason is not just increased stress levels but also poor sleep. Long working hours and 24x7 engaged brain disrupts sleep cycle that escalates health problems. The most simple solution for this issue is good sleep that comes from a regulated sleep cycle. In this article, we will tell you how to reset your sleep cycle. 

Do not sleep during the day

If you wish to sleep on time and wake up on time, it is very important to regulate your sleep hours. 6-8 hours of sleep, on an average, is sufficient for an adult. It is more for children but sleeping more than what is required can disrupt your sleep cycle. For example, there are people who sleep in the afternoon or during a particular time of the day. Most of these people struggle to get sleep at night. Thus, avoid sleeping in the day to get a sound sleep at night. You can take a nap which actually helps in resetting your mind but do not sleep for more than an hour straight. If you are habitual of sleeping in the afternoon, this might be difficult in the beginning but you’ll get hang of it eventually.

Avoid any distraction or disturbance during sleeptime

Any kind of disturbance can also cause sleep problems. Anything that distracts your mind is bad for your sleep cycle. Thus, there should not be any kind of disturbing or distracting element around when you sleep. For this, keep the room lights dim as this would signal your brain to doze off.  You can event put on eye mask. In addition to this, keep smart devices likes phones, tabs, laptop, TV, etc. aside at least one hour prior to bedtime. Make this a habit and you would see your sleep cycle improving.

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How to fix sleep cycle by listening to music

People who have a habit of sleeping late cannot get to sleep early. If you are also habitual of sleeping late, put on some soothing music at low volume. This would help in relaxing your brain and putting you to sleep. High volume, on the other hand, keeps the brain alert. So, in order to fix your sleep cycle, listen to soothing, calming songs or meditative music at low volume.

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Do not exercise before sleeping

If you are dealing with sleep-related issues, ensure that you do not do any rigorous physical activity before including exercising, gym or even running. These would affect your sleep cycle in such a way that you won’t feel like sleeping for a couple of hours. If you feel like doing some physical activity, go for a brisk walk. People who exercise at night experience the worst sleep cycle scenario. 

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Eat light, sleep tight

Diet also plays a crucial role to reset sleep cycle. If you consume heavy dinner, you will feel bloated and it becomes difficult to get sleep with a heavy stomach since the food is not digested properly. Thus, eating light is preferred for a better sleep cycle. This not only helps in regulating sleep schedule but also keeping stomach and digestive issues like indigestion, stomach ache, constipation, etc. at bay.

In a nutshell, what you do throughout the day and night directly affects your sleep cycle. A lot of modifications need to be strictly implemented if you wish to improve your sleep cycle. From switching off electronic devices before bedtime to eating light meals at night(preferable early dinner) to preventing afternoon naps, these modifications can prove to be really helpful in regulating sleep cycle.

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