Is your Grandparent Unable to Sleep? Here’s How Music Can Help

Older adults who are facing sleep problems must-try music therapy to get a sound sleep. Here is what researchers have found.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Apr 23, 2021Updated at: Apr 23, 2021
Is your Grandparent Unable to Sleep? Here’s How Music Can Help

A lot of elderly people suffer from insomnia or they find it hard to sleep. This is quite common with older adults as their sleep quality deteriorates with age. While some try to pop a pill to get sound sleep, it is unsafe for their holistic health. Getting sleep naturally is best and if your grandparent is not able to sleep through the night, you can try music therapy with them. Yes, listening to music at bedtime can aid sleepless nights. In fact, this can also help your elderly parents if they are also facing the same situation.

Benefits of listening to music

Benefits of listening to music

Music is known to calm the mind, body and soul. There are many benefits of listening to music and one of them is better to sleep. The journal ‘American Geriatrics Society’ has published this study that talks about the effectiveness of music for sleep in older adults. The team has found that calming music leaves behind a calming effect on the brain and puts it to sleep. Listening to soothing music for 30-60 minutes at bedtime can improve the sleep quality of the elderly.

Causes of poor sleep in adults

Sleep cycles change with age. While babies sleep most time, older adults face a hard time sleeping. Even if they wake up early, they won’t make it early to bed and this increases the risk of insomnia in them. Besides, insomnia is also linked to the risk of Alzheimer’s. As per reports, around 50% of older adults have sleep issues and most of them are insomniac. The sleep of nine hours is the recommended sleep time for adults. If they fail to achieve that, they are highly likely to get insomnia, depression, irritability and memory problems.

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Music- Remedy for sleep problems

music for sleep problems

The ultimate solution for sleep issues is calming music. Researchers conducted a thorough study wherein older adults were asked to listen to soothing music before bed. After about three months, it was found that those who listened to music were found to be less likely to have sleep issues as compared to those who didn’t.

Music helps in regulating sleep as it normalises the heart rate, controls breathing and regulates blood pressure. These factors help in bringing sleep. Anyone who is facing problems in sleeping must try this music therapy to fall asleep.

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