Listen To Music Daily And Keep Your Heart Healthy

Music therapy is not just good for stress but also for heart-related anxiety. Lower stress levels and heart risk by listening to music daily.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jun 19, 2020 10:20 IST
Listen To Music Daily And Keep Your Heart Healthy

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Music is not just a soothing melody but also an effective remedy. Whenever we feel sad or stressed, we plug in the earphones and play music. It helps us rewind by reducing the depressing feelings. Also, we play music according to our mood as there music for every mood. We have been doing this since forever but do you know the science behind this? Do you know that music has the power to heal your heart and keep heart diseases at bay? Scroll down to know how 30 minutes of listening to music daily can keep your heart healthy.

Music has the power to de-stress your mind and body, we all know that but now science has proved this. Not only it relieves stress but also boosts heart health. Researchers say that 30 minutes of daily music therapy is good for the heart and can promote healing in patients of heart issues. It is seen that music along with other treatment methods can reduce the risk of cardiac issues. Music is found to reduce the pain and anxiety after a heart attack and prevent angina or chest pain that people suffer after the attack.

Music Therapy For Heart Health

A research team from the University of Belgrade, Serbia conducted this research wherein they studied the health of 350 heart attack survivors who suffered from chest pain or post-infarction angina soon after the attack. This study was conducted to find if music helps in reducing the pain and anxiety caused by angina.

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Lead author of the study Predrag Mitrovic who is a Professor at the Belgrade University said, “Based on our findings, we believe music therapy can help all patients after a heart attack, not only patients with early post-infarction angina. It’s also very easy and inexpensive to implement.” 

The Research

Out of 350 patients, half were given the standard medical treatment and the second half were asked to follow music sessions along with the treatment. The team then tested the body’s involuntary, automatic responses to music by checking the narrowing or dilation of the pupils.

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This research went for about seven years after which it was concluded that music therapy is effective in reducing stress, anxiety and pain. Not just that, music helped in the prevention of cardiac arrest death along with deaths caused by other conditions. It is because music influences the sympathetic nervous system which triggers the ‘fight-or-flight’ response during stress. This is the reason why we feel better after listening to music.

In a nutshell, listen to good music daily and keep your heart and mind healthy. 

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