Ways to Make Dads Comfortable at Birth

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Dec 15, 2011

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Ways to make dads comfortable at birth

If you are looking for an able support from your husband or partner during the course of labour, remember, he would need some sort of preparation to start with; especially, if it’s your first baby+; the entire experience is as new to him as it is to you. Ideally, you would want someone, who is informed about the process and knows what to expect, for adequate support. You should perhaps consider some of these proven ways to make dads comfortable at birth, as a preparatory measure.


Some Effective Ways to Make Dads Comfortable at Birth

  1. The very first tool that can make him feel more comfortable is information. Lack of knowledge could be the major cause for his discomfort. Therefore, you should ask him to go through books, journals, videos or tutorials dealing with the essentials of the birth process. He should be preparing himself mentally for what’s actually expected at the birth scene.
  2. Once he has a primary information base to refer to, it’s time to discuss your personal birth plans with him. For instance, he should know what your specific plans are, how you plan to manage your labour pains, the kind of surroundings you desire for childbirth and so on. Most importantly, you share your expectations with him vividly. Once he knows what he is supposed to do, it would be easier for him to react and perform in the desirable manner.
  3. One of the most essential ways to make dads comfortable at birth would be to teach him how to deal with pain. Of course, the first hand experience of enduring pain is all yours. Witnessing a near and dear one writhing in pain could be immensely difficult as well! In case he isn’t comfortable seeing you in excruciating pain, you can consider using epidurals to put him at ease.
  4. When you endure labour pains and struggle through the hurdles of childbirth, your partner or spouse could, in fact, feel strangely responsible for it. Any jokes pertaining to the same, could thereby, prove to be unsettling for him in the given circumstances.
  5. Help him learn with the help of some practical tools as well.

These simple ways to make dads comfortable at birth would surely help in preparing him well so that both of you can enjoy the process equally.


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