Tips to Maintain Bone Health during Pregnancy

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Dec 07, 2011

During pregnancy a woman is required to maintain her own bone health as well as ensure that the bone development of the baby is healthy. You need to get enough calcium for you and your baby and follow some guidelines to keep your health like it was before getting pregnant. Just follow the advice given below and you will keep away from the risk of developing bone complications such as osteoporosis, even after multiple pregnancies. Despite temporary bone loss, you can expect to be normal soon after delivery.


Maintaining Bone Health during Pregnancy

  • Increase calcium intake – With the need for more calcium intake during pregnancy, women are always recommended to increase dairy and other products that are rich in calcium including calcium supplements. Some foods with high calcium content are almonds, soybeans, tofu, kale and broccoli. Your doctor should recommend a calcium supplement for you too.
  • Vitamin D intake – You need to increase your vitamin D intake too. Research has shown that high doses of vitamin D intake during pregnancy bring down the risk of a lot of pregnancy complications. Usually the prenatal vitamins contain an enhanced amount of this nutrient. Lesser complications invariably mean better overall health including bone health.
  • Adequate physical exertion – Exercising regularly has a good effect on your bone density, but since you are in a special condition, make sure that you do not exhaust yourself. 20 minutes of daily walk should be good enough or 30 minutes of walk four times a week. The bones do not get fragile easily with adequate exercise regularly.
  • Say no to smoking, drinking and substance abuse – This is not just a trivial placard material on street that you used to ignore. There could not be a more pressing an issue for a woman to consider quitting. But of course, if you are one of those you still need to be reminded, this is one! Smoking and drinking can hinder the normal development of bones and can also cause many other complications such as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

You can hope to sail through your pregnancy without serious complications of bone health by following the tips given above. Bear in mind that some amount of bone loss is only expected during this period, but even after multiple pregnancies, you can expect to have normal bone health with only some easy to follow health advice.


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