Do You Experience Itchy Eyes In Winter? It Could Be Due To These 7 Problems

There are various reasons for having itchiness in eyes, look at 7 probable causes that might occur in winters.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Nov 25, 2021
Do You Experience Itchy Eyes In Winter? It Could Be Due To These 7 Problems

Health and wellness are important to keep us going through different parameters in life. You must have notices a lot of people are suffering from itchy eyes and eye problems in the recent times. This is because of increase in air pollution and some other condition that increase problems in eyes. It is not compulsory to have itching in eyes because of pollution, but it is also because of reasons such as allergies, infection that increase in this time frame of the years. Winters are almost here and this is the time when people fall ill the most, hence today we will be discussing about some probable reasons for having itching in eyes.

7 Problems Causing Itchiness in Eyes

There are several problems that could cause itchiness and problems in your eyes. Here are some things you should know about-

1. Seasonal Allergies

There are several problems that are associated with eyes which can be problematic. Allergy in one of the major cause, during winters there are many allergies that could get you into allergic reactions. In a way or other, seasonal allergies are responsible to create itchiness in your eyes and also cause nasal congestion. 


Allergies that cause itching in eyes can be because of a compound released by cells to defend the body against allergies. This compound is called as histamine, this is an inflammatory condition which might cause slight irritation and happens for a few days. Common signs of histamine are related to pollen grains or external irritants.

2. Perennial Allergies

This is also one of the seasonal allergies which happen in almost all over the year to you. But increases in the time when there is mold, dust and pet around you. It can be because of perennial eye allergies and could be very problematic in nature. This could possibly occur sitting in your homes, perennial allergies cause irritation in the eyes. However this does not last for long, you need to take some pills to counter the allergy and then the problem of itchy eyes also gets vanished.

3. Pollution

As you already know that pollution has increased in the past few week because of different factors, irritants in the air cause itching in the eyes. Pollution could a very huge factor in causing eye itching. Avoiding exposure to the environment and going out less often can reduce the risk of pollutants going inside your eyes. Airborne irritants can cause itching and irritation in eyes which lasts for a few hours. This effect may soothen after a while when the eyes get something cool and damp over the eyes.


4. Infection in Eyes

Viral or bacterial infections increase over this period of the year. Bacterial infections are particularly problematic because they last for longer duration. It not just creates itchiness in eyes but also makes the eyes swell up and increase redness in eyes. Conjunctivitis is very common eye infection which turns the eyes pink. It is very contagious and can cause inflammation in eyes. This condition needs to be given medical attention and elevate symptoms with help of medications and ointments. 

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5. Dry eyes

Dry eye often happens when there is not enough water in your body. It can also occur if you do not get your eyes moist. Crying is subjective to be a healthy activity or not but it can really be beneficial for your eyes because it moist your eyes and gives out tears that are like cleansing agents for your body. Dry and itchy eyes are very common during winters because moisture in the eyes increases in summer but it does not happen this season. This causes itchiness and irritation in eyes and you tend to rub your eyes a lot.

Dry eyes could also be because of-

  • Decongestants
  • Birth pill controls
  • Antidepressants 
  • Medication that helps to lower blood pressure in the body


6. Eye strain causing itchiness

Itching in eyes can also be because of strain and exertion. When your eyes do not get proper rest and relaxation, then it may result to itchiness. It could also be possible because of not getting enough sleep and tiredness. Strain in your eyes can also be because of driving too much, work exertion or any activity that makes your eyes stressed and strained. 

Eye strain can be reduced with help of proper rest and sleep. Put some eye drops in your eyes to clean it and maintain eye health. Other remedies could include putting ice pack or washing your eyes thoroughly. You can also try some home remedies for curing eye strain.

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7. Blepharitis

This is a condition which occurs prominently in winters because of irritation and inflammation in eyes. Red and itchy eyes could be because of blockage in the eye glands and can be very frustrating. This is a condition related to problem in eye lids, when those eye lids get swelled or watery then it could lead to itchiness in eyes. 

Blepharitis is a condition which may not result to vision loss but it can be chronic problem. However itchiness could decrease with help of eye drops and medication but there is a risk of developing conjunctivitis and other complications because of this inflammatory disease.

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