6 Myths About Chikungunya That Will Leave You Surprised

Chikungunya is one vector borne condition which has number of myths around it. Read this article to correct your misconceptions.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Nov 23, 2021 12:42 IST
6 Myths About Chikungunya That Will Leave You Surprised

Chikungunya is a very critical situation which can cause number of complications to a person. People are often confused between chikungunya and dengue however these both are very different conditions. Even though both are vector borne disease, both conditions have different virus that affect a person. It may be hard to tell which exactly is more problematic but patients of chikungunya often face multiple problems at the same time. Today we are here to inform about some misconceptions that revolve around this condition which needs to be acknowledged and corrected for good. 

6 Myths About Chikungunya You Must Know

1. Mosquitoes of Chikungunya breed in Dirty Water

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that is there of chikungunya, people believe that it is associated with mosquitoes breeding in dirty water. This is a big myth, the truth is the mosquitoes can even breed in clear water as long as the water is stagnant. If you have water getting stagnant for a long duration there are high chances that it may lead to chikungunya breeding mosquitoes. It can be water in pots, tyres, potential dumplings or even in clogged basins. 


2. Using Insecticide sprays is enough to kill Mosquitoes

Most people think that spraying insecticides or sprays that are meant to kill mosquitoes are enough for staying away from chikungunya disease. However this is also not true, it can reduce the risk of mosquitoes causing this disease but the insecticides are not enough to kill the eggs and breeding grounds of mosquitoes causing chikungunya. Therefore decreasing the population of mosquitoes does not ensure security against this vector borne disease and you should take more preventive measures for the same.

3. Chikungunya leads to joint Deformity

Chikungunya does cause pain in your joints and it can be terrible but this does not mean that it particularly leads you to arthritis or similar conditions. You may feel so because most of the conditions affecting this disease can feel similar to rheumatoid arthritis. Chikungunya does not cause any deformity and it can become better with time as the condition improves. Joint pain may persist for a few weeks or even months.


4. Dengue and Chikungunya are same

Both these conditions are vector diseases and are spread through mosquitoes but actually the virus that they carry is different. Dengue fever causes flavirideae flavivirus whereas chikungunya causes togaviridae alphavirus. Majority of cases of chikungunya affect a person for 2 weeks or so whereas dengue can nearly last for a month. Therefore those people who feel that both conditions are same should correct themselves and know the difference carefully.

5. Antibiotics are needed to treat Chikungunya

There is no particular vaccine of medication that is totally effective against chikungunya. Antibiotics are effective to an extent that they can reduce the symptoms of this vector borne condition. Oral fluids are used more in this condition to affect a person properly. There is no drug treatment or vaccine that can yet cure chikungunya. Therefore antibiotics are really not the real solution for this disease.


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6. Chikungunya is a fatal disease

Chikungunya can cause complications but majority of cases are treated with help of proper medication and therapies. Chikungunya caused by mosquitoes can actually be treated fairly, even though there is not proper cure available yet. Strong immune system can resist and control this condition in a week or so. Joint pain may be problematic but it can also be controlled with help of massage and pain killers as prescribed by doctors. There are only few cases in which people get to their death bed because of chikungunya, hence this myth should be busted.

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