Trying To Treat Acne With Home Remedies? Here Are Some Ingredients That You Should Never Use

If you think home remedies can help all skin types, then you are highly mistaken. Acne-prone skin can be different to treat

Dr. Geeta Grewal
Written by: Dr. Geeta GrewalPublished at: Oct 12, 2020
Trying To Treat Acne With Home Remedies? Here Are Some Ingredients That You Should Never Use

Oily acne-prone skin is highly sensitive inflamed and congested self-medication with kitchen ingredients is not advisable best is to take professional advice. But what we try most times is to look for solutions at home, thinking what harm can natural ingredients make to the skin? But one must know that skin woes like acne may not always get better by applying natural kitchen ingredients and may even aggravate the issue further. Being a Cosmetic Surgeon and anti-ageing expert, I get a lot of cases where the situation of skin for people becomes bad by merely resorting to natural home remedies. This means all home remedies may not necessarily show positive effects on the skin. So, are you looking for home remedies to fight acne, then don't think of applying these on your face.


Care-Tips For Acne-Prone Skin

If you have acne-prone skin, do not try these home remedies as it may be making your skin suffer more:

Say No To Besan, Rice Packs & Sugar

Stay away from the advice of besan packs or rice flour packs which can be irritants resulting in rash formation also don’t experiment with milk and milk product packs. Use of any oil at this stage will flare up your acne, Avoid greasy milk cream, coconut oil as they clog your pores and will lead to breakouts. Also, using homemade scrubs based on sugar crystals can damage the skin barrier, causing inflammation redness and itching.

Using a harsh scrub or exfoliating too often can cause abrasions or tiny breaks in your skin barrier, thus making it challenging to repair. It’s advisable to always use a gentle scrub with small granules on a wet face. Too often face packs can cause an increase in oily gland activity rather than controlling the oil production. Once or max twice a week, mild face packs are applied for 10 minutes on the face and gently wash off with copious amounts of water. 

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Lemon & Tomatoes May Not Help


Lemon juice and tomato juice are very acidic have a big unstable molecule of vitamin C which is quickly oxidised by air and hardly absorbed by skin barrier to reach the bioavailability zone hence not utilised by skin but only acts as an irritant therefore escalating your skin issues clogged congested pores inflamed skin with blackheads and acne.

Toothpaste Is Meant For Teeth Only


Please use your toothpaste for effectively cleaning your teeth, not skin. It’s not meant for zapping your acne, kindly don’t experiment with such advice. Flaws in your daily skincare routine can make your skin worse can make your skin more sensitive rather than clean, clear and healthy. You could be unknowingly making these mistakes in your skincare routine that does not support healthy skin. 

Understanding Cleansing

Let’s bridge this gap in understanding our skin. Healthy skin requires a good cleaning with a gentle cleanser. Using a harsh cleanser, a surfactant-based cleanser a cleanser that strips your natural moisturiser from your skin can be damaging. It’s advisable to use a mild AHA/ BHA based cleanser. Don’t be in a rush to wash your face, give adequate time for the cleaner to act and rinse thoroughly leaving the product behind on skin can cause irritation and drying. Also, too quick a rinse can make the product less effective as you did not give it time to work, remove dirt grime dead cells sebum from the skin.


Wash Your Skin, But Not Too Often

Too frequent washes have no additional advantage rather they strip off the natural moisturiser from the skin, making it dry and irritated. Wash your face twice morning and bedtime and also wash immediately after a workout to keep your skin pores clean and unclogged. Excessive washing can cause a paradoxical increase in an oil gland or sebaceous gland activity, thus clogging pores, causing blackheads, whiteheads and acne breakouts. 

Chose Your Moisturiser Well

The wrong choice of moisturiser or not using a moisturiser is not a healthy practice. Oily skin needs moisturiser else there is an increase in oil activity to retain moisture in skin. Not advisable to use heat creams oils Shea butter, occlusive moisturisers always choose lightweight gel-based hydrating agents that nourish your skin without clogging your pores. 

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Clean, clear, healthy glowing skin is achievable with consistent regular wholesome effective, safe simple skincare routines.Never introduce too many products to your skin in one go, always upgrade the quantity of product as well . This will help skin adapt to new products and it will help you to identify if any one that is not suiting you or causing rash or irritation. 

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