Toothache Leading To Sleepless Nights? Know These 7 Methods To Combat Your Pain

Toothaches can be very irritating and painful. Here are 7 measures to ease your toothache at night.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jul 14, 2021Updated at: Jul 14, 2021
Toothache Leading To Sleepless Nights? Know These 7 Methods To Combat Your Pain

Getting a toothache can be very annoying as well as painful. Toothaches happen because of many reasons some of them are related to gums, infection, tooth or nerves. In general, toothache can be treated depending on the cause of it. A dentist can diagnose the cause and give you proper treatment for it. But if the toothache occurs at night, then it might be troublesome. It is because you cannot get it treated or diagnosed immediately and have to wait for the next day. Hence you may not be able to sleep, concentrate or do any of your tasks properly. In some conditions having food is also not possible. Today, with the help of a dentist, we are going to explain you some steps you can take during the night to get relief from your toothache.

7 Ways to Get Rid of your Toothache at Night

Dr. Nitya Gupta, B.D.S, General Dentist at Elite Dental Care Clinic, Noida, tells about some ways to combat toothache at night. She exclaims that it would not be possible to understand the cause behind the pain at that point without diagnosis. Hence there are some tips which can relieve your pain for the time being or reduce it to minimal level. 

1. Cold compress

Like any other pain relief, cold compress works well on a toothache as well. Using this technique can reduce your pain if the pain is because of some swelling or nerve pain. Apply a bag of ice or wrap some ice cubes in a towel and press in on the area of face it is paining. This will help your blood vessels to relax and may reduce your swelling for the time being. If you have regular toothache, then perform cold compress for 20 minutes before going to sleep. 


2. Elevate your Head Position

Sometimes, the pain gets more severe if the position of head of the person is at body level or below it. It also causes inflammation to head and tooth area. Therefore, try to keep your head slightly above your body level. This will result in elevating the pain and help you fall asleep. You can put an extra pillow to give your head height. 

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3. Oral Pain medications

Taking oral pain medicines can be beneficial for countering pain and sleeping peacefully. However pain relievers do not eradicate the cause of pain, it is just that you do not sense it. Hence dentist recommends taking oral pain relief medicines only when necessary. Medicines or oral pain relief are acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is quicker to react than the previous one and can help in mild to moderate toothaches. Always consult your dentist or doctor before taking these pills to avoid abuse.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide rinse

Hydrogen peroxide is generally present in your mouthwash and that is all it takes. Most of the gum infections that occur are because of poor oral hygiene. This causes bleeding gums and pain in the tooth as well. Periodontitis is the term used for this infection. Rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide mouthwash or solution can prevent severe pain and can even treat your gum infection if it has just started. It removes plaques and problems causing bacteria. People should use dilute food-grade hydrogen peroxide solution only and mix it with equal amount of water. Keep in mind that it should not be swallowed or given to children. 


5. Peppermint tea

Chewing peppermint tea bags or having peppermint tea can reduce toothache to significant level. This is because peppermint leaves have high anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties that improve sensitivity. Having this tea or chewing peppermint tea bags can relieve toothache temporary and also reduce sensitivity affect in gums.

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6. Clove

Clove is an ayurvedic remedy and is also prescribed by many dentists to have it if people have toothache or sensitivity. There are many gels and paste that contain cloves because it has Eugene that acts like an analgesic and numbs the area to pain. Clove should be kept at the point where you are having maximum pain. Chew it gently, do not swallow it immediately, and keep it in your mouth until you get rid or relief from your pain. Other method to reduce toothache is to paste out of it by soaking cloves in the little water. Put the paste in the area of toothache and you will feel relief from toothache within few minutes and then you can sleep peacefully. 


7. Salt Water

You may have heard it several times, to rinse your mouth or throat with salt water in times of pain. Salt water is also a common way to relief pain of toothache. It has anti-bacterial properties that help to reduce inflammation in teeth and gums. Salt water also protects your damaged teeth from infection. Toothache can have multiple causes and dentist recommends you to rinse your mouth with salt water twice everyday to prevent gum infections. It also removes food particles stuck in teeth or gums. Salt water rinse can reduce your pain and help you sleep at night with peace. 

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