Tattoo Infection: How To Indentify And Prevent This Infection

Having a tattoo can lead you to tattoo infection. Here is how to indentify this skin infection and its prevention tips.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jul 05, 2021Updated at: Jul 09, 2021
Tattoo Infection: How To Indentify And Prevent This Infection

Tattoo has been popular from a long while but it yet gaining popularity among the young generation. It has become a common sight in India as well and it is continuously growing. People are getting accepted with it and support for it has grown a lot in the past decade. Even though tattoos are extremely popular, one should not forget the harmful effect of it on our skins. There have been ample numbers of cases where people have reported of skin infection because of tattoo. This is tattoo infection which people generally do not know about or neglect it. It is a skin infection which is majorly spread because of the ink inserted through the needle in the skin. Let us understand how to indentify tattoo infection and prevention tips from a dermatologist. 

Tattoo Infection

As the name suggests it is an infection that is caused by having a tattoo on your body. The major reason for it is the needle and ink through which it is spread. Dermatologist Dr. K. Swaroop from Ivory Hospital, Greater Noida will tell you more about it in detail. He says basically it is a skin infection which spreads through foreign ink particles with the use of needles that are for tattoos. This can lead to many other infections and cause shock syndrome or sepsis infection etc.


Most of the people who get their tattoo done do not see the surroundings or authenticated place to get it done. Tattoo artists use the same needle on different people to cut cost and make money. This results in people getting infected with the needle which leads to this infection. It could possibly get even worse if the infection carries certain diseases. Although Dr. Swaroop recommends not getting tattoo done but even if you do, please take care of sanitization of the tool the tattoo artist uses.

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How To Indentify Tattoo Infection?

If you get a tattoo infection then you will start having red rash or bumpy skin around it. The tattoo will also not look clear and there might be heavy irritation because of the needle. People with sensitive skin are more vulnerable to tattoo infection and symptoms start to show just after a few days to getting their tattoo done. But all these symptoms can vanish within some days or by applying some cream. However if the symptoms remain for more than a week then you must consult a dermatologist.

Here are some symptoms through which you can identify this infection-

  • Abnormal shivering
  • Fever
  • Feeling cold and heat simultaneously
  • Swelling
  • Pus from tattoo area
  • Red rashes or lesions around the area
  • Having hard or raised skin around the tattoo


Can You Get Staph Infection Because of Tattoo?

Staph infection is also a type of infection which a by product of having tattoo. Staph infection is caused by bacteria which can cause health conditions such as toxic shock syndrome, arthritis and sepsis. Although staph infection can be treated, a bacterium which causes this infection sometimes becomes resistance to regular antibiotics resulting in complications. This bacterial infection spreads through the bloodstream and internal organs causing severe health disorders.

Symptoms for staph infection can be

  • Aches and pain in bones
  • Swelling in infected area
  • Extremely thirsty at times
  • Having 102o F fever
  • Sores in infected tattoo area or pus
  • Impetigo


How to Prevent Tattoo Infection?

The most important thing to keep in mind before getting a tattoo is to check your allergies. If you are allergic to tattoo ink, then it might get worse for you. Every time you get a tattoo make sure the tools used by the artist is sterilized and safe for you. If the instruments are not sterilized or you have any doubt, restrain yourself from getting a tattoo there. You can always ask the person to show his license for confirmation. Make sure it is well known shop or place which you can trust. Also see if the tattoo artist uses glove and safety precaution while making the tattoo so that you do not end up having an infection because of that. All these check points can assure you are at safe place for having a tattoo.

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Now here are some tips which you should follow after you get your tattoo done-

  1. Remove bandage after 3-5 hours of getting your tattoo made
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap 
  3. Use clean and dry cloth to pat the area of the tattoo
  4. Let the skin dry, do not rub it or scratch it
  5. Put an ointment on the tattoo area to prevent irritation
  6. Be careful about the symptoms or any abnormal changes on the skin.

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