These Lifestyle Habits Are Bad For Your Blood Pressure, Change Them Now

If you suffer from high blood pressure, think about leaving a few lifestyle habits behind for good health

Gandharv Gulati
Mind BodyWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Dec 20, 2019
These Lifestyle Habits Are Bad For Your Blood Pressure, Change Them Now

Irregular blood pressure is a sign of poor cardiovascular health, especially high blood pressure. This may cause a host of health complications if not kept under control. Heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest are the common risks associated with high blood pressure and patients need to keep a  tab on their health to avert any serious mishap. Atherosclerosis, a condition where arteries of the person harden and pus the person to the risk of kidney and heart failure is also caused due to high blood pressure. Most people think that blood pressure can’t be controlled and there is nothing we can do to prevent fluctuations in the blood pressure which is untrue. There are certain everyday things that we do which increases the risk g high BP. By controlling and changing them, blood pressure can be regulated. Here are some common lifestyle habits that are likely to cause high BP. See if do any of these.

Lower your risk of high BP by getting rid of these habits

Physical Inactiveness


Do you take stairs or escalator/lift to climb floors? Your health depends on your answer. Just to save a few minutes, we use lifts and escalators. Not just that, we hardly get up from the chair in the office unless it is necessary. Doctors emphasize much on physical activity. Inactivity and laziness can corrupt your body by affecting the circulation of blood in the body. The better is the blood circulation, the normal would be BP.


An obese person’s body is said to be a home of diseases. Obesity is a common cause of several diseases including blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. it is important to maintain BMI. If you are unable to lose weight consult a dietician and chalk out a plan to overcome obesity. 

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Unhealthy Diet


Not just junk and oily food but anything that has high sodium content are bad for your heart. This means avoiding excess salt in your diet. Packaged and processed foods have a high amount of salt in it which may trigger high BP if consumed regularly.

Similarly, low potassium levels in the body also cause blood pressure problems. It is important to eat foods with potassium such as yogurt, bananas, etc. 


Whether you smoke or consume tobacco in any other form on a daily basis, change this habit. It might give you high BP problem. Nicotine is found to increase blood pressure and decrease oxygenation in the body. This would also damage your blood vessels and heart. Try nicotex or other healthy nicotine substitutes to get rid of cigarettes and their adverse effects.

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One peg a day is fine but exceeding that might alter your blood pressure level, mind it! It is okay to drink but in moderation. People who are habitual of drinking alcohol are highly likely to get BP and diabetes-like issues which further aggravate other serious health diseases. 

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