These 4 Things Show That You Are Losing Muscles And Not Body Fat

If you think exercising and dieting could only lead to fat loss, then you are highly mistaken. There could be other reasons too. Read below to know.

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Sep 03, 2020
These 4 Things Show That You Are Losing Muscles And Not Body Fat

Most people who exercise daily have their targets set on something. Hands down for most people, it is fat loss. But did you know one should understand that fat loss can be tricky in various ways? If you think you are witnessing a difference in your body immediately after shifting to a diet or a workout schedule, then it could be something else than fat loss. In a lot of many cases, rapid changes in weight could be a reason for muscle loss in the body. Losing muscles in the name of fat could be unhealthy as muscles are essential for fundamental body movement, leading to a decrease in functionality too. 

Listed below are 4 signs that show that the changes in appearance is primarily due to muscle loss and not fat: 

Feel More Tired During Workouts


Are you working out every day but still feeling the need to stop now and then? Is the level of fatigue more, and increases every day, that means there is a lack of muscles in the body and whatever you are losing is only muscles and not fat. The more you feel strained, means there are lesser muscles in the body, moving a tedious task. You may feel you are overtraining, but the fact is that muscle loss makes one feel constant sluggish. So, take this as a sign of reality behind your weight loss. 

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The Body Fat Percentage Remains Same

Everybody has a specific fat percentage which needs to reduce for proper weight loss or fat loss. Hence, despite shedding a lot of weight, your body fat per cent remains the same, means you have lost your muscles. One of the significant signs is when the pinchable fat remains the same, but there is sizeable shrinkage in the skin. Hence, keep looking for that pinchable fat to know whether the weight loss is due to fat loss or muscle loss. 


The Weight Loss Speed Is Faster 

It is good that if you are losing weight faster but weight loss in most cases is gradual, until and unless you are not on a strict diet and workout regime. If only by making basic dietary changes and minimal exercises, you are losing weight faster, then it could be muscle or water loss too. Faster weight loss is difficult to sustain. Hence, always look for proper methods for weight loss to ensure that it lasts longer. 

The Weight To Lift Remains The Same

Has it ever happened that you have been working out every day, but you are lifting the same weight every day? This means that you are not building any strength in the body, which comes from muscles. So if you are over and over again lifting the same weight, feeling extraordinarily fatigued but still losing weight then get to the crux of the weight loss. The loss could be due to muscles.


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These tips are essential to note as most people get it wrong when it comes to weight loss. One must know that proper weight loss is all about losing weight from the right and the required places and not from the overall body in one go. Take note and look for alternatives to lose weight the correct way. 

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