Take More Natural Light For Its Myriad Benefits. Know-How It Makes Your Health Better In 5 Ways

Natural light or sunlight is very important for our health as it has vitamin D which offers numerous health benefits.


Gandharv Gulati
Mind BodyWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Sep 03, 2020
Take More Natural Light For Its Myriad Benefits. Know-How It Makes Your Health Better In 5 Ways

We all know how important is sunlight for all of us. No matter how much artificial lighting is around, we feel good when we see some natural light. This is because the brain and body react positively to the natural light. Talking about sunlight, doctors say that one should soak in natural light during the early morning and before sunset. There are many perks of getting some natural light daily, read them all here.

Health benefits of natural light


  • Natural light is the natural source of vitamin D: First and foremost, natural light gives us vitamin D that is one of the most essential vitamins for our bodies. Due to this reason, vitamin D is also called ‘sunshine vitamin’. No matter you are outdoors or indoors, what is important is that natural light is falling on you. It would give you vitamin D which has many health benefits attached to it. This helps prevent weight gain, boosts cardiovascular health, reduces bone loss, prevents cancer growth and improves immunity which is very important to ward off viruses, bacteria and infections.
  • Natural light improves sleep: Believe it or not, the more exposed you are to natural light in the day, the peaceful sleep you will get at night. This also because natural light negates the negative effects of artificial lightings like bulbs. These artificial lights emit blue light in high amounts that affect melatonin(sleep hormone) and alters your sleep patterns. This is one reason why you are asked to not use digital devices before going to bed. 
  • Boosts mental health: Yes, natural lights improve mental health too. Whenever you feel sad or gloomy, spend some time outdoors or just bask in the sun. You’d feel better. This is because natural light also helps in the escalating mood by bringing positivity.

  • Reduces the risk of seasonal depression: When seasons change, you may notice unusual mood swings. A lot of people go through episodes of seasonal depression mainly during the onset of autumn and winters. One of the main reasons behind this is low lighting as the sun is not providing enough light to uplift your mood. This kicks in seasonal depressive disorders that can cause serious health consequences. To keep yourself safe from this, take as much natural light as possible. Whenever the sun shines, go out and soak in the sunlight to keep your mood in the place.

Reduces health risks caused by fluorescent lighting


The more natural light you get, the lesser you will be exposed to artificial fluorescent lighting. This is because you won’t feel the need to turn on the bulb or tube light for lighting. Just open the curtains and allow natural light inside the house or workstation. Fluorescent lights are very bad for health. They emit dangerous rays that conflict with your body and cause myriad health issues. They may trigger a stress response, cause strain to your eyes, and other harmful effects. Though CFL or compact fluorescent lights are a bit safer but you cannot ignore their disadvantages. Thus, natural lighting is the best.

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