Is Body Shaming A Form Of Bullying? Dr Glenna Rice Throws Light On This Subject

When you use lies and judgments to criticize your own body, then you become the bully of your body.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Dec 11, 2019
Is Body Shaming A Form Of Bullying? Dr Glenna Rice Throws Light On This Subject

Body shaming is mocking or humiliating someone based on the appearance of their body, it is a form of bullying directed at the body. It is judgment and is always a lie. Bullying is intended to intimidate and invalidate you, to gain control. Bullying can show up in different ways and you can even be your bully to your body. Bullying is a prevalent focus of the media with many articles and blogs talking about body shaming, fat shaming and skinny shaming.


These don’t just apply to women; men are also targets of body shamming based on the size and shape of their body and sex life. Bullying only works if the person being bullied, in any way, for even a second, buy it as real! Bullies lie. All judgments are lies, and when you buy the lies of a bully, then you start creating your point of view about you from their lie. If the lie is about your body, then you will begin creating your body based on the lie.

How can you know what is a lie? If it is heavy it is a lie. Things that are true for you are light.


Ask: Is this a lie? Yes or No? What feels lighter, yes or no?

An interesting thing about bullies is they accuse you of what they are doing. If you ask the question, “Are they accusing me of what they are doing?” yes or no? and you get yes, then you will begin to become aware of the lies they are using to intimidate you with and the judgments they have of themselves. 

  • If you buy someone else’s point of view about you, then it becomes your point of view about you, and you cannot see anything about you that does not match the other person's point of view. You stop being you and become their point of view.
  • Here is a tool that can help you stop buying into any point of view. You can say it repeatedly until it lightens up. You may even begin to laugh!
  • Interesting point of view they have that point of view.
  • Interesting point of view I have this point of view about their point of view.
  • Interesting point of view I have this point of view about my point of view about their point of view.

When you bully your body, you end up being both the bully and the victim.


  • How often do people use body shaming judgments, lies and criticisms to bully their own body?
  • How often are these judgments bought from someone else, a bully, a parent, the media?
  • How often do you use them to stop you from creating what you desire in life? What if there was a different possibility?

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  • One of the wonderful things about bodies is they will create whatever we are asking for from the points of view we have. If we buy into body shaming, then the body will begin to create that future for you, to help make you right.
  • The tricky part is that this reality gives you no useful tools to create a change in this area. If you resist and react to it, you have bought it, and it does not change. If you become a victim and align and agree, it doesn’t change. In both situations, you are buying the lie as real for you and are now creating from the lies.
  • When you buy a lie, it is a total invalidation of your awareness, of what you know and what you be. If the lies are about your body then you invalidate your body and what it knows and what it can be, do, create and generate.
  • If you are trying to figure out why they would do it, you have bought it as real. There is no reason. It is not something you did. It is not personal. Bullies do it because they can, and it works so well in this reality to gain control. You are not the cause there is not something wrong with you or your body.

What lies and whose lies are you using to create the reality of judgments with your body are you choosing?


  • Bullying, body shaming, whatever you call it, is a lie. You cannot figure a lie out. It is not true. To change it you must acknowledge the lie. Become aware that it is a lie and undo the lie and then the bully has no power This is about having your own back and your bodies!
  • The best protection is always awareness and when you become aware of the lies, then nobody can perpetuate a reality on your body that is not yours!
  • To stop a bully, be happy, be the joy of embodiment, create your body from the greatness it is, do anything and everything that is not being a victim! What if you acknowledged that you are that potent?

(Inputs by Dr Glenna Rice, DPT a Physical Therapist, certified in Access Consciousness and Joy of Business, and is the creator of EMT- Energetic Manual Therapy).

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