World Earth Day 2022: Learn How To Make Healthy Eating Sustainable

If you love mother nature, you must adopt sustainable living and eating habits. Here are some tips to get started.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Apr 21, 2022Updated at: Apr 21, 2022
World Earth Day 2022: Learn How To Make Healthy Eating Sustainable

We talk about saving earth, saving lives but are we really doing it? Saving the planet cannot happen just by avoiding plastic use but sustainable living is equally required. When we begin to live a sustainable life, the flora and fauna will eventually flourish. If you call yourself a nature lover and want to forestall its destruction, adopt sustainable living starting from sustainable eating. This would not only preserve the Earth’s system but also your body system by increasing life expectancy and quality. This World Earth Day, let us pledge to try sustainable eating. Scroll down for some tips to begin with.

7 Tips for Sustainable Eating Plan

Here are seven basic level tips for sustainable eating that if you practice, can leave a big, positive impact on your lives.

Eat less meat and more plants

Wondering how is eating less meat sustainable? Meat lovers might get a shock upon reading this but consumption of meat is catastrophic for nature. The more you consume animals, the more their production is required. For them to graze, a large piece of land is, therefore, deforest. On the other hand, animals emit greenhouse gases that is much higher than what plants do. The lesser you consume meat, the more you are contributing in securing ozone layer. So, have soybean and so products that have same amount of protein as meat.

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Sustainable Eating Plan

Avoid processed and packages foods

This leaves an indirect impact on nature because firstly, they are made in big factories with gigantic machinery that requires fuel and emits pollution. Secondly, a majority of these come in plastic packaging that goes waste after use and eventually make its way to soil and water. Limiting the consumption of these foods is also beneficial for your health.

Buy Local

This is one way to support local farmers and vendors that sell fresh produces straight out of the farm. This is not just good for your health but it also has a connection to sustainable living. This practice reduces transportation of food items, their unnecessary packaging and also shelf life. When you are buying something locally, you can vouch for its freshness and quality. Unlike packages items sold in supermarkets, these do not contain any preservatives.

TIP: If you have space, make your kitchen garden and enjoy them. 

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Sustainable Eating

Buy Seasonal Produce

One of the best sustainable eating habits is eating what is in season. There are many health benefits of this practice along with sustainable living. Foods for the season offer required nourishment to your body for that particular season. These are grown naturally in specific environmental conditions and so, require less raw materials. So, get seasonal foods and enjoy!

Reduce Food Waste

This is one of the concerning problems these days. Since we have unlimited access to food(all thanks to food delivery apps), we don’t really acknowledge food. This has made food wastage a common and concerning issue. There goes a lot of raw materials, fuel and labour to bring food to your plate. By wasting that, you are wasting all of this. Here are some tips to avoid food wastage:

  • Make weakly meal plan to buy and make food in required quantity only.
  • Prepare a grocery list and shop accordingly. Do not over-purchase that later go waste.
  • If there is enough leftover food, kindly give it to a needy person. Food utilized and you earned blessings!
  • You can have leftovers for the next meal by doing some modifications.
Sustainable Eating tips

Reduce and Reuse

These three R’s are the motto of sustainable living. If you master these, you become a certified sustainable living expert.

  • Reduce- All the food wastage that is made on a regular basis should be reduced. In addition to this, adopt sustainable crockery that can be reused or biodegraded(such as earthen pots). Reduce usage of paper plates, napkins, etc. paper items. Use glassware and silverware instead.
  • Reuse- Switch to items that are reuseable such as earthen pots, glassware, copperware, silverware, etc. Avoid one-time use packages to reduce wastage.

Make Your Own Food

Lastly, the best thing is to make your own food so that you know how much to make and how to make. This not only increases nutrition value but also decreases wastage of raw materials including production and packaging. 

These are small tips that can bring big differences in your lifestyle. It is high time that we understand the importance of sustainable living to protect our future generations and leave a greener planet for them to see.

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