Herbal Ways To Prevent Strawberry Legs

 Strawberry legs can be prevented and treated easily at home using a number of effective treatments. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Oct 13, 2022 18:50 IST
Herbal Ways To Prevent Strawberry Legs

Ayurveda believes in prevention. The Purva Karma and the Panchakarma- all are preventive procedures. When it comes to curing any disorder, then panchakarma procedures are conducted, three of which are Snehan, Swedan and Udvartanam. Out of these three, two can be regularly performed at home, mainly Snehan and Udvartanam. The Swedan has become easier to perform at home by installing steamers. 

To guide you about the cure of problems like strawberry legs, keratosis pilaris, ingrown hair, and bacne you ought to know about the above mentioned Ayurvedic procedures. Once you cure this problem you should be able to prevent them from recurring. Since skin is a living organ, if you get careless in supplying nutrients to it topically, the problems once treated can reoccur. OnlyMyHealth editorial team talked to Mrs. Medha Singh, Founder & CEO, Juvena Herbals, to know about some effective ways to prevent and treat strawberry legs.

What are strawberry legs?

strawberry legs

Appearance of small black spots on the skin. These black spots resemble strawberry seeds. Enlarged pores, created due to trauma and dehydration, pulling out of hair harshly, friction created by an old razor or even a fresh one, overuse of electric epilators and hair removing creams. The enlarged pores that get filled with dead epithelial cells and sebum attract more dirt from the atmosphere and through the clothes, the residue of detergent also gets inside. Exposed to air, they get oxidised and hence the dark pitted appearance. Strawberry legs' siblings are keratosis pilaris, ingrown hair, folliculitis and bacne. So, amongst these if you treat one, others get cured automatically. 

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As mentioned earlier, skin is the largest excretory living organ and when not fed topically it shows that it is deficient in certain nutrients by opening its various mouths(pores) permanently. So what basically it requires to remain healthy should be supplied to it topically in a routine, i.e., since childhood:

  • Once in three days, intermittent Soft Exfoliation, Snehan, Swedan, Udvartannam (Beauty Oil, Steam and Ubtan) should be included in the routine. 
  • The two behaviours of skin: Protection and Healing should be supported topically by applying Sunscreens and Night creams in routine. 

Herbal solutions for strawberry legs

Application of body massage oil before bath. Massage gently to let the small molecules of essential oils seep into the skin. Gentle massage will let the herbal extract (Tel Paak Vidhi) in the oil treat the skin’s problems. Massage time: two minutes on each leg. The perfect blend of essential oils of turmeric, orange, Lemon, lavender, rose and wheatgerm becomes capable of loosening the debris clogged in pores and disinfects it. The natural emulsion like ubtan which has milk protein, omega 3, licorice, mango butter, Jaiphal, Elaichi, Almonds, Cashew, Wheat germ oil, unclogs the pores with the supply of these nutrients in a regular routine which the skin lacks. The size of the pores starts minimising. For sustainable results, apply an effective moisturiser or body lotion to ensure the supply of oil and water to the skin for up to eight hours.

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Further protect your skin by applying Physical Mineral Sun protection cream. Before bedtime, wash your legs or take shower and apply fruit cream with good butters and a lotion full of AHAs and BHAs. The above-mentioned procedures and ingredients work when you are determined, dedicated, and disciplined. Ayurveda gives you results only when it finds these three Ds in you.

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